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Matilda Orth


Research interests: Industrial organization and applied microeconomics.

Among the questions that Matilda Orth tries to answer with her research:

  • What mechanisms determine the degree of product differentiation, strategic entry decisions and changes in market structure in retail trade?
  • How can structural models be used to estimate productivity in retail markets?
  • What is the role of entry regulations for profitability, productivity and market structure in retail trade?
  • How does entry of large (”big-box”) stores affect productivity and exit of incumbents?



Research papers

Entry Regulations, Product Differentiation and Determinants of Market Structure (with Florin Maican) July 2014 PDF Appendix New version coming soon!

Entry and Spatial Differentiation in Retail Markets

Productivity Dynamics and the Role of "Big-Box" Entrants in Retailing (with Florin Maican) December 2014 PDF Appendix

A Dynamic Analysis of Entry Regulations and Productivity in Retail Trade (with Florin Maican) December 2014 PDF Appendix


Research papers in progress

R&D Dynamics and Its Impact on Productivity and Export Demand in Swedish Manufacturing (with Mark J. Roberts, Florin Maican and Van Anh Vuong)

Are Workers Paid their Marginal Product? Evidence from linked employer-employee data (with Amil Petrin and Florin Maican)

Estimation of Returns to Scale in Services (with Florin Maican)



A Dynamic Analysis of Entry Regulations and Productivity in Retail Trade (with Florin Maican), International Journal of Industrial Organization, forthcoming


Publications (pre-Ph.D.)

Who Visits the Museums? A Comparison Between Stated Preferences and Observed Effects of Entrance Fees, Kyklos 62(1), 85-102, 2009 (with E. Lampi) Link

Opening Local Retail Food Stores: A Real Options Approach, Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade 10(3), 373-387, 2010 (with SO. Daunfeldt and N. Rudholm)


Publications and reports in Swedish

Mindre strikt Reglering ökar Produktiviteten i Detaljhandeln (More Liberal Regulations increase Productivity in Retail Trade), IFN Newsletter No. 5 2014 Link

Marknadsstruktur och Dynamik i Dagligvaruhandeln (The Dynamics of Market Structure in Retail) Ekonomisk Debatt, No. 1, 2012 (with Florin Maican) PDF

Finns det en Wal-Mart effekt utan Wal-Mart (Is there a Wal-Mart effect without Wal-Mart?) Popular science report to Handelns Utvecklingsråd, 2009 (with Florin Maican) PDF

Vem Konkurrerar med Vem på Flygmarknaden? En studie av flygmarknadens segment (Product Competition in the Airline Industry) Consultant report to the Swedish Civil Aviation Authority, 2008 (with Florin Maican) PDF

Tjugo års Utredande av Höga Matpriser och Otillfredsställande Kvalitet: Vad har man egentligen kommit fram till? (Twenty years of investigaing high retail-food prices and unsatisfied quality: what are the actual results?) Consultant report to the Swedish Competition Authority, 2004



Advanced topis in economics: Industrial Organization (SSE), fall 2014

Empirical workshop 1: Testing static oligopoly models

Empirical workshop 2: Entry models

Empirical workshop 3: Cartels

Matilda Orth


Ph: +46 8 665 45 31
Mob: +46 73 642 3824


Matilda Orth has a Ph.D. in economics and her research interests are industrial organization and applied microeconomics. She addresses topics related to industry dynamics and determinants of market structure such as productivity, strategic product positioning, entry and exit. Her research has a strong link to both competition and business policy.


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