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In this publication series you will find book reviews and popular scientific articles, including opinion pieces. The majority of the articles are available for download.

Only papers in English are listed on this page. The complete list of book reviews and popular scientific articles can be found on our Swedish page.

Milken Institute Review, January 17, 2017

The Swedish Economy Triumph of Social Democracy – or Serendipity?

Andreas Bergh

In 2016, Sweden came out on top of the Reputation Institute's yearly ranking of 55 countries according to how people viewed them as places to live and work. The same year, Sweden outranked 162 other countries to reach the number-one spot in the Good Country Index, based on its ranking on 35 UN and World Bank criteria ranging from living standards to environmental sustainability.

2016 Centre for the Study of Market Reform of Education

Who’s to produce and who’s to choose

Gabriel Heller Sahlgren

The question how should the qualifications of students be assessed is one of the most defining and important aspects of any education system.

2016-07-28 Financial and Institutional Reforms for an Entrepreneurial Society (FIRES)

The Institutional Evolution of Labour Market Institutions in Europe and Entrepreneurship

Gerarda Westerhuis and Magnus Henrekson

What is the impact of labour market institu­tions on entrepreneurial activity? Recently it has been argued that flexible labour market institutions have a positive influence on entre­preneurial activity. No doubt, labour mobility is an important condition for entrepreneur­ship.

The institutions governing the allocation of labour and talent in society enable entrepre­neurs to develop their businesses and affect the willingness of employees to be(come) entrepreneurial. In this paper we analyse these institutions by reviewing labour market regulation in European coun­tries from a historical perspective.


Sick of Inequality?

An Introduction to the Relationship between Inequality and Health

Sick of Inequality.jpg

In this book Andreas Bergh, Therese Nilsson, IFN and Lund University, and Daniel Waldenström, IFN and Paris School of Economics, France, review the latest research on the relationship between inequality and health. What does inequality mean for our health? Does increasing income inequality affect outcomes such as obesity, life expectancy and subjective well-being?


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