One Size Fits All? The Effects of Teachers' Cognitive and Social Abilities on Student Achievement

Reprint No. 2016:50

Author(s): Erik Grönqvist and Jonas VlachosYear: 2016 Title: Labour Economics Volume (No.): 42 (October) Pages: 138–150
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We document a substantial decline in cognitive and social interactive abilities and in GPAs among entering teachers. Then, using matched student-teacher data, we find that teacher abilities have a negligible impact on average student achievement. This finding hides interesting heterogeneities. In particular, an increase in teachers' cognitive (social) abilities increases (reduces) the achievement gap between high- and low-aptitude students. Teacher cognitive and social abilities further appear to be complements. We also find strong positive effects of male teachers' GPAs that are uniform across students, but similar effects are not found for female teachers' GPAs.

Grönqvist, Erik and Jonas Vlachos (2016), "One Size Fits All? The Effects of Teachers' Cognitive and Social Abilities on Student Achievement". Labour Economics 42(October), 138–150.

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