16. Frontier Production Functions and Technical Progress: A Study of Teneral Milk Processing in Swedish Dairy Plants

Finn R. Førsund and Lennart Hjalmarsson

Technical change in general milk processing is estimated within a homothetic frontier production function allowing neutrally variable scale elasticity. The results show that technical progress is characterized by a rapid increase in optimal scale and a…

15. Pay Differentials between Government and Private Sector Employees in Sweden

Siv Gustafsson

The human capital model predicts that in equilibrium and in the absence of discrimination units of human capital possessed by individuals are paid the same rentals. This would hold also when comparing private and government sectors. Only non-pecuniary…

14. Rates of Depreciation of Human Capital Due to Nonuse

Siv Gustafsson

How important for success on the job is uninterrupted labor force participation? Data on labor force status for a 15 year period for individual salaried employees in Swedish Industry makes possible the estimation of the effect of years of experience and…

13. A Vintage Model of Swedish Economic Growth from 1870 to 1975

Ragnar Bentzel

12. The Linear Expenditure System and Demand for Housing under Rent Control

Per Högberg and Anders Klevmarken

In most applications of complete systems of demand functions to national accounts data it is implicitly assumed that the demand functions are identified. For post-war Sweden this is not an altogether good assumption because due to rent control there was…

11. A Comparative Study of Complete Systems of Demand Functions

Anders Klevmarken

10. Approaches to the Theory of Capital Cost: An Extension

Jan Södersten

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