22. Experiments with Fiscal Policy Parameters on a Micro-to-Macro Model of the Swedish Economy

Gunnar Eliasson

21. The Use of Time and Technology by Households in the United States

Frank Stafford and Greg J. Duncan

20. A Putty-Clay Model of Demand Uncertainty and Investment

James W. Albrecht and Albert G. Hart

This paper uses a simple model to explore the effects of "increasing demand risk" on business fixed investment. We show that within a putty-clay framework an increase in demand uncertainty can be expected to have two countervailing effects. On the one…

19. Inflation, Taxation and Capital Cost

Villy Bergström and Jan Södersten

In times of inflation, most existing systems of taxation introduce new distortions into the allocation of resources. In this paper, the effects of inflation via taxes on the firm's east of capital are analyzed. The taxes considered are the corporate…

18. Teknik och industristruktur

Johan Örtengren

Working Paper No. 18 is published as Teknik och industristruktur – 70-talets ekonomiska kris i historisk belysning (authors: Bo Carlsson, Erik Dahmén, Anders Grufman, Märtha Josefsson and Johan Örtengren). Stockholm:…

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