427. The Mass-Action Interpretation of Nash Equilibrium

Jörgen W. Weibull

426. Industry Evolution and R&D Externalities

Stefan Fölster and Georgi Trofimov

425. Economic Decline in Russia: Disaster or Creative Destruction?

Stefan Fölster and Georgi Trofimov

424. International Competitiveness and the Choice of Entry Mode: Japanese Multinationals in U.S. and European Manufacturing Industries

Hideki Yamawaki

423. R&D and Foreign Sales: Evidence from Swedish Multinationals

Roger Svensson and Gunnar Fors

422. Competitions of Socio-Economic Institutions: In Search of the Winners

Pavel Pelikan

421. Multinational Corporations, Country Characteristics, and Clustering in Foreign Direct Investment

Pontus Braunerhjelm and Roger Svensson

420. Swedish Direct Investment in Low-Cost Countries

Thomas Andersson and Håkan Hellström

419. Investment Incentives in the Formerly Planned Economies

Gunnar Eliasson

418. Foreign Direct Investment and Employment in Sweden

Thomas Andersson

417. The Choice of Entry by Greenfield or Takeover

Stefan Fölster and Georgi Trofimov

416. The Macroeconomic Effects of New Information Technology, with Special Emphasis on Telecommunications

Gunnar Eliasson

415. Vem ansvarar för nästa generation?

Gunnar Eliasson

414. Pitfalls in the Measurement of the Return to Education: An Assessment Using Swedish Data

Eugenia Kazamaki Ottersten, Erik Mellander, Eva M. Meyerson and Jörgen Nilson

413. Trends in Worker Recruitment Practices in Swedish Companies

Eugenia Kazamaki Ottersten

412. Om förlängd skolgång

Gunnar Eliasson and Eugenia Kazamaki Ottersten

411. Socialförsäkring genom medborgarkonto: Vilka är argumenten?

Stefan Fölster

410. Analyzing the Effects of Taxicab Deregulation: A New Empirical Approach

Kenneth Burdett and Stefan Fölster

409. Swedish-Vietnamese Relations: Shifting Terms of Cooperation

Thomas Andersson

408. Will Swedish Manufacturing Business Put the Swedish Economy Out of its Crisis?

Gunnar Eliasson

407. Nash Equilibrium and Evolution by Imitation

Jonas Björnerstedt and Jörgen W. Weibull

406. R&D in Swedish Multinational Corporations

Gunnar Fors and Roger Svensson

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