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Wolf von Laer


Forskningsområden: Public Choice, Austrian Economics, Classical-Liberalism.


Some questions that Wolf von Laer tries to answer in his research: 

  • How do the main stake-holders (bureaucracy, legislators, voters, interest-groups) respond to a crisis?
  • Does public choice explain the changes of behavior one observes throughout crises?
  • Is behavioral science a better explanation for some of the processes observed within crises?
  • Is regime-uncertainty a good explanation for the slow US American recovery after the Great Recession (co-author Dr. Adam Martin)?

Aktuell forskning

Regime Uncertainty and the Great Recession: A Market-Process Approach Wolf von Laer och Adam G. Martin

Wolf von Laer


Kort beskrivning

Wolf von Laer is a Ph.D. Student in political economy at King’s College London, where he is writing a thesis analyzing public choice processes during crises. Wolf is the author of the German book Problems of the Established Central-Banking System - Free Banking as an Alternative? and winner of the 2011 Vernon Smith Essay Contest with his article "The Decline of the Rule of Law & the Emergence of Regime Uncertainty."  Additionally, Wolf holds a graduate student scholarship from the Friedrich Naumann Foundation and is a fellow of the Institute for Humane Studies and an Adam Smith Fellow of the Mercatus Center. Wolf earned a master’s degree in economics of the Austrian school from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and a BA in economics and social sciences from the University of Erfurt.

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