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Under denna rubrik finns artiklar på engelska publicerade i vetenskapliga tidskrifter eller som kapitel i antologier. I princip är alla bidragen kvalitetsgranskade av externa forskare (peer reviewed), vilket borgar för hög akademisk kvalitet. Endast i undantagsfall är artiklarna möjliga att ladda ner, men kan alltid beställas från IFN eller respektive förlag/tidskrift.

Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy

The Entrepreneurial Rent: The Value of and Compensation for Entrepreneurship

Magnus Henrekson och Mikael Stenkula

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to show that entrepreneurship can be fruitfully analyzed by positing that entrepreneurs are searching for rates of return exceeding the risk-adjusted market rate of return, i.e., they try to create or discover economic…

Journal of Business Ethics

Resistance to Change in the Corporate Elite: Female Directors’ Appointments onto Nordic Boards

Aleksandra Gregorič, Lars Oxelheim, Trond Randøy och Steen Thomsen

In this empirical study, we investigate the variation in firms’ response to institutional pressure for gender-balanced boards, focusing specifically on the preservation of prevailing practices of director selection and its impact on the representation of women…

Modernizing the Public Sector: Scandinavian Perspectives

Introducing Quasi-Markets in Primary Care: The Swedish Experience

Anna Häger Glenngård och Anders Anell

The Swedish experience of introducing quasi-markets in primary care is discussed with respect to the identified objectives of primary care. Empirical studies suggest that objectives related to general accessibility have been met. There is more limited knowledge about…

Modernizing the Public Sector: Scandinavian Perspectives

Market Solutions

Fredrik Andersson

The reliance on market solutions by the Swedish public sector has increased significantly in recent decades. The Swedish example is characterized by an openness to market solutions in many public-sector activities and by a mix of procurement arrangements and…

Journal of Economic Literature

The Economic Consequences of Social-Network Structure

Matthew O. Jackson, Brian W. Rogers och Yves Zenou

We survey the literature on the economic consequences of the structure of social networks. We develop a taxonomy of "macro" and "micro" characteristics of social-interaction networks and discuss both the theoretical and empirical findings…

Social Economics: Current and Emerging Avenues

Cultural Determinants of Gender Roles: Pragmatism as an Underpinning Attitude toward Gender Equality among Children of Immigrants

Martin Ljunge

Journal of Economic History

Wealth-Income Ratios in a Small, Developing Economy: Sweden, 1810–2014

Daniel Waldenström

This study uses new data on Swedish national wealth over the last two hundred years to examine whether the patterns in wealth-income ratios found by Piketty and Zucman (2014) extend to small and less developed economies. The findings reveal both similarities and…

Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization

Heterogeneous Peer Effects in Education

Eleonora Patacchini, Edoardo Rainone och Yves Zenou

We investigate whether, how, and why individual education attainment depends on the educational attainment of schoolmates. Specifically, using longitudinal data on students and their friends in a nationally representative set of US schools, we consider the influence…

Telecommunications Policy

Do R&D and ICT Affect Total Factor Productivity Growth Differently?

Harald Edquist och Magnus Henrekson

We analyze the effect of ICT and R&D on total factor productivity (TFP) growth across different industries in Sweden. R&D alone is significantly associated with contemporaneous TFP growth, thus exhibiting indirect effects. Although there is no significant…

Leisure Studies

Location of Leisure: The New Economic Geography of Leisure Services

Özge Öner och Johan Klaesson

Understanding more about the geographic location of leisure services is an important quest for research. For a long time now in developed economies, almost all employment growth is occurring within the service sector. In this sector, leisure services are fast…

Spatial Economic Analysis

Retail City: The Relationship between Place Attractiveness and Accessibility to Shops

Özge Öner

Retail city: the relationship between place attractiveness and accessibility to shops. Spatial Economic Analysis. This paper explores the role of retailers as an urban amenity. Using data for Swedish rural and city municipalities for 2002–08,…

European Economic Review

Intergenerational Correlation and Social Interactions in Education

Sebastian Bervoets och Yves Zenou

We propose a dynastic model where individuals are born into an educated or uneducated environment that they inherit from their parents. We study the impact of social interactions on the correlation in parent-child educational status, independently of any parent-child…

Management Science

Person–Organization Fit and Incentives: A Causal Test

Ola Andersson, Marieke Huysentruyt, Topi Miettinen och Ute Stephan

We investigate the effects of organizational culture and personal values on performance under individual and team contest incentives. We develop a model of regard for others and in-group favoritism that predicts interaction effects between organizational values and…

Journal of Public Economics

The Right Look: Conservative Politicians Look Better and Voters Reward It

Niclas Berggren, Henrik Jordahl och Panu Poutvaara

Since good-looking politicians win more votes, a beauty advantage for politicians on the left or on the right is bound to have political consequences. We show that politicians on the right look more beautiful in Europe, the United States and Australia. Our…

Journal of Air Transport Management

Managing Turnaround Performance through Collaborative Decision Making

Simon Okwir, Pernilla Ulfvengren, Jannis Angelis, Felipe Ruiz och Yilsy Maria Núñez Guerrero

The purpose of this paper is to explore turnaround performance as a resultant from both Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) processes and collaborative measures. This paper presents how CDM operates in the Turnaround Process (TAP) to propose a new method for managing…

Journal of Urban Economics

The Role of Social Networks in Cultural Assimilation

Thierry Verdier och Yves Zenou

We develop a model where, in the first stage, minority individuals have to decide whether or not they want to assimilate to the majority culture while, in the second stage, all individuals (both from the majority and the minority group) embedded in a network have to…

Aktuell forskare

Niklas Elert

Forskningsområden: Entreprenörskap och ekonomisk dynamik.

Några av de frågor Niklas försöker besvara i sin forskning:

  • Hur stimulerar man bäst entreprenörskap och innovationer?
  • Kan man lära sig entreprenörskap?
  • Vad får företag att starta och växa?

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