The Economic Consequences of Social-Network Structure

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Författare: Matthew O. Jackson, Brian W. Rogers och Yves ZenouÅr: 2017 Publikation: Journal of Economic Literature Årgång (nr): 55 (1) Sidor: 49–95
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We survey the literature on the economic consequences of the structure of social networks. We develop a taxonomy of "macro" and "micro" characteristics of social-interaction networks and discuss both the theoretical and empirical findings concerning the role of those characteristics in determining learning, diffusion, decisions, and resulting behaviors. We also discuss the challenges of accounting for the endogeneity of networks in assessing the relationship between the patterns of interactions and behaviors.

Jackson, Matthew O., Brian W. Rogers och Yves Zenou (2017), "The Economic Consequences of Social-Network Structure". Journal of Economic Literature 55(1), 49–95.

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Assar Lindbeck

Forskningsområden: Inkomstförsäkringar, bonussystem samt metodfrågor.

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  • Hur påverkas inkomstförsäkringar av sociala normer?
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