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Särtryck nr 2009:29

Författare: Yves ZenouÅr: 2009 Publikation: European Economic Review Årgång (nr): 53 (6) Sidor: 607–624
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The aim of this paper is to expose the recent developments of urban search models which incorporate a land market into a search-matching framework. Using these models, we will be able to explain why unemployment rates vary within a city, how city structure affects workers’ labor-market outcomes, how unemployment benefits and the job-destruction rate affect the growth of cities and why workers living far away from job centers search less intensively and experience higher unemployment rates than those residing closer to jobs. We are also able to explain why, as compared to whites, black workers spend more time commuting to work but travel less miles and search for jobs over a smaller area.

Zenou, Yves (2009), "Search in Cities". European Economic Review 53(6), 607–624.

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Henrik Horn

Forskningsområden: Internationella handels- och investeringsavtal, konkurrenspolitik och marknadsregleringar

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  • Hur ska centrala delar av WTO-avtalet tolkas?
  • Hur bör EU:s miljöpolitik utformas?

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