2006-12-20 10:00
Justin van der Sluis, University of Amsterdam
Returns to Intelligence: Entrepreneurs versus Employees

2006-12-13 10:00
Helena Svaleryd, Institutet för Näringslivsforskning
Political Rents in a Non-corrupt Democracy

2006-12-06 10:00
Ola Olsson, Göteborgs universitet
Country Size and the Rule of Law: Resuscitating Montesquieu

2006-11-29 10:00
Björn Tyrefors, Handelshögskolan i Stockholm
Do Politicians Free-ride? - An Empirical Test of the Common Pool Model

2006-11-22 10:00
Pernilla Andersson, Stockholms universitet
Determinants of Exits from Self-Employment

2006-11-15 10:00
Mirco Tonin, Stockholm University
Minimum Wage and Tax Evasion: Theory and Evidence

2006-11-08 10:00
Pascalis Raimondos-Møller, Copenhagen Business School
Company Taxation and Tax Spillovers: Separate Accounting versus Formula Apportionment

2006-10-25 10:00
Vicente Cuñat, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Globalization and the Provision of Incentives inside the Firm: The Effect of Foreign Competition

2006-10-18 10:00
Pär Holmberg, Uppsala University
Supply Function Equilibrium Models of Bidding Behaviour in Electricity Auctions

2006-10-11 10:00
Mats Bergman, Konkurrensverket och Maria Jakobsson, Stockholms Universitet
Comparing Merger Policies: The European Union versus the United States

2006-10-04 10:00
Magnus Wiberg, Stockholm University
On the Indeterminacy of Trade Policy under Different Electoral Rules

2006-09-27 10:00
Daniel Hallberg, Uppsala University
Economic Fluctuations and the Retirement of Elderly Workers

2006-09-20 10:00
Stefano Rossi, Stockholm School of Economics
Returns to Shareholder Activism: Evidence from a Clinical Study of the Hermes UK Focus Fund

2006-09-13 10:00
Martin Holmen, Uppsala University
Tender Offers versus Block Trades: Empirical Evidence

2006-09-06 10:00
Fredrik Sjöholm, Stockholm School of Economics
Acquisitions, Multinationals, and Wage Dispersion

2006-06-14 09:00
Magnus Henrekson, Institutet för Näringslivsforskning
Den svenska modellen för företagsägande vid skiljevägen

2006-06-12 15:00
Alejandro Micco, Banco Central de Chile
Labor Regulation and Flexibility

2006-06-07 10:00
Greg Clark, University of California
The Industrial Revolution in Theory and in History

2006-06-01 10:00
James R. Markusen, University of Colorado
Learning on the Quick and Cheap: Microfoundations for the FDI Productivity Transmission Mechanism

2006-05-31 10:00
Robert J. Gordon, Northwestern University
Welfare Comparisons between Europe and the U. S.

2006-05-30 10:00
Arnaud Chéron, Université du Maine
Job Creation and Job Destruction over the Life Cycle

2006-05-24 10:00
Joseph A. Clougherty, WZB
The Impact of ISO 9000 Diffusion on Trade and FDI: A New Institutional Analysis

2006-05-17 10:00
Daniel Waldenström, IUI
The Evolution of Top Incomes in an Egalitarian Society: Sweden, 1903–2004

2006-05-10 10:00
Bhaskar Dutta, University of Warwick
Communication Networks with Endogenous Link Strength

2006-05-03 10:00
John Hassler, Stockholm University
Explaining Asymmetric Price Adjustment

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