2011-12-14 10:00
Laura Hering, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Environmental Policy and Trade Performance: Evidence from China
co-author: Sandra Poncet

2011-12-07 10:00
François Rycx, SBS-EM, IZA and Université Libre de Bruxelles
The Impact of Educational Mismatch on Firm Productivity: Evidence from Linked Panel Data

2011-11-30 10:00
Morten Olsen, IESE Business School - University of Navarra
The Intended and Unintended Consequences of Special Fabric Provisions
co-authors: Lawrence Edwards and Robert Lawrence

2011-11-23 10:00
Johan Lagerlöf, University of Copenhagen
Discrimination in a Strategic World

2011-11-16 10:00
Enrico Pennings, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Holdup and Option Value

2011-11-09 10:00
Kimmo Eriksson, Stockholm University and Mälardalen University
Individual Responsibility for Another's Contribution to the Public Good Creates Efficient Cooperation
co-authors: Pontus Strimling and Micael Ehn

2011-10-26 10:00
Pierre-Guillaume Méon, Université Libre de Bruxelles
Behind Closed Doors: Revealing the ECB’s Decision Rule
co-author: Bernd Hayo

2011-10-19 10:00
Yossi Spiegel, Tel Aviv University
Backward Integration, Forward Integration, and Vertical Foreclosure

2011-10-12 10:00
Juanna Joensen, Stockholm School of Economics
Math and Gender: What if Girls do Math?
co-author: Helena Skyt Nielsen

2011-10-05 10:00
Fredrik Carlsson, University of Gothenburg
Are Social Preferences Stable Over Time?

2011-09-28 10:00
Christer Gerdes and Patrik Gränsmark, SOFI, Stockholm University
Beauty Queens and Battling Knights: Risk-taking and Attractiveness in Chess

2011-09-21 10:00
Erwann Sbai, University of Auckland
Estimation and Comparison Procedure for Electricity Spot Market Auctions

2011-09-14 10:00
André Romahn, Stockholm School of Economics
Crowding in the Swedish Beer Market

2011-09-07 10:00
Karin Edmark and Verena Niepel, IFN and University of Mannheim
Effects of School Choice

2011-08-31 10:00
Tommaso Valletti, Imperial College London
Net Neutrality and Innovation at the Core and at the Edge
co-author: Carlo Reggiani

2011-08-24 10:00
Eddie Anderson, University of Sydney
Ranking Games and Gambling: When to Quit When You’re Ahead

2011-06-22 10:00
Fabiano Schivardi, Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance, Rome
Demand and Productivity Shocks in the Determination of Firm Performance

2011-06-15 10:00
Peter Leeson, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia
Animal Trials

2011-06-08 10:00
Fredrik Sjöholm, IFN
Globalization and Imperfect Labor Market Sorting
co-authors: Carl Davidson, Fredrik Heyman, Steven Matusz and Susan Chun Zhu

2011-06-01 10:00
Magnus Söderberg, Göteborg University
The Effect of Future Price Expectations on Customers’ Willingness to Make Sunk Investments in Reliance on a Monopoly Service

2011-05-25 10:00
Thomas Åstebro, HEC Paris
Business Partnerships and the Commercialization of Inventions

2011-05-18 10:00
Alessio Pacces, Rotterdam Institute of Law and Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Liquidity and Financial Crisis: Policy Implications

2011-05-11 10:00
Rune Stenbacka, Hanken School of Economics
Customer Recognition and Competition
co-author: Oz Shy

2011-05-04 10:00
Paul Seabright, Tolouse School of Economics
Market Size and Pharmaceutical Innovation
co-authors: Pierre Dubois, Olivier de Mouzon and Fiona Scott-Morton

2011-04-27 15:00
Johanna Rickne, IFN
Female Representation but Male Rule? Gender Quotas and the Political Glass Ceiling in Sweden
co-author: Olle Folke

2011-04-06 10:00
Heléne Lundqvist, Uppsala University
Is It Worth It? On the Returns to Holding Political Office

2011-03-30 10:00
Åsa Hansson, Lund University
Labor Taxation and FDI Decisions in the European Union

2011-03-23 10:00
Jörg Rocholl, European School of Management and Technology (ESMT), Berlin
Competitive Effects of Private Equity Investments
co-authors: Hung-Chia Hsu and Adam Reed

2011-03-16 10:00
Tino Sanandaji, University of Chicago and IFN
Self-Employment Does Not Measure Entrepreneurship

2011-03-09 10:00
Måns Söderbom, Göteborg University
Uncertainty and Capital Accumulation: Empirical Evidence from a Structural Model with Heterogeneous Firms
co-authors: Steve Bond and Guiying Wu

2011-02-23 10:00
Ola Andersson, Stockholm School of Economics
Robustness to Strategic Uncertainty
co-authors: Cédric Argenton and Jörgen W. Weibull

2011-02-16 10:00
Denis Gromb, INSEAD
Imperfect Competition in the Interbank Market for Liquidity as a Rationale for Central Banking
co-authors: Vital Acharya and Tanju Yorulmazer

2011-02-09 10:00
Shon Ferguson, Stockholm University
Institution-Driven Comparative Advantage, Complex Goods and Organizational Choice
co-author: Sara Formai

2011-01-26 10:00
Gustav Martinsson, KTH and SIFR
Law, Stock Markets, and Innovation

2011-01-19 10:00
Toshihiro Okubo, Kobe University, Japan, and Stockholm School of Economics
Are Capital Intensive Firms the Biggest Exporters?

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