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How the EU might foster unity

EEAG Report on the European Economy 2018


IFN and CESifo

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Professor Clemens Fuest, CESifo Munich, will present the EEAG-report 2018 in general and in particular the chapter titled “It’s ok to be different: Policy coordination and economic convergence”. This will be followed by a discussion about the future of the EU.

This year’s EEAG report discusses the fact that neither economic theory nor historical experience suggests that economic integration automatically implies convergence of economic outcomes, or of institutional and policy inputs. Professor Clemens Fuest, CESifo, Munich, and his co-author argue that “some of the European Union’s current woes may be traced to the trust-eroding effects of misleading information and unrealistic promises”.

The report states that EU’s competences in areas where national economic policies generate large spill overs can be helpful, but may at the same time blur responsibilities and allow national politicians to blame Europe for poor results primarily caused by the shortcomings of national policies. The authors suggest:

A clear case can be made for deeper integration in such public-good policy areas as customs administration, border controls, common immigration visa, and defence. Extending supranational competences to harmonization of social policy could weaken trust in an integration process that cannot realistically deliver results in such areas.

To prevent resentment against integration, it should be recognized that in the current institutional setting the European Union’s policy toolbox cannot foster unity as: convergence depends mostly on the policies of the member states. Clemens Fuest will present the report. A discussion will follow, in which Professor Fuest will be joined by:

In the panel Professor Fuest will be joined by Katarina Areskough Mascarenhas, Head of the European Commission Representation in Stockholm, and Professor Lars Calmfors, IFN and Professor Emeritus of International Economics at the Institute for International Economic Studies (IIES).

Thomas Gür, writer and entrepreneur, will be moderating the seminar.

Date & time: Friday March 23, at 8.30–10.00

Venue: Grevgatan 34

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