2009-12-11 10:00
Paul Milgrom, Stanford University
Multi-item Auctions in Theory and Practice

2009-12-09 10:00
Jakob Roland Munch, University of Copenhagen

2009-12-02 10:00
Mikael Priks, Stockholm University
The Effect of Surveillance Cameras in High-Crime Areas: Evidence from the Stockholm Subway

2009-11-25 10:00
Jerker Holm, Lund University
Are They Different? - An Economic Field Experiment on Chinese Entrepreneurs

2009-11-18 10:00
Natalia Fabra, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
How to Allocate Forward Contracts: The Case of Electricity Markets
(co-author: Mariá-Ángeles de Frutos)

2009-11-11 10:00
Philipp Koellinger, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Market Selection and Opportunity Costs of Entrepreneurs
(with Christian Roessler)

2009-11-04 10:00
Sven-Olov Daunfeldt, Ratio
How Shall High-growth Firms be Defined?
(co-authors: Niklas Elert and Dan Johansson)

2009-10-14 10:00
Håkan Selin, Uppsala University
The Rise in Female Employment and the Role of Tax Incentives

2009-10-07 10:00
Thomas Tangerås, IFN
Transmission regulation of an integrated energy market

2009-09-30 10:00
Sumit Agarwal, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
"Perverse Incentives at the Banks? - Evidence from a Natural Experiment"
(with Faye H. Wang)

2009-09-23 10:00
Alexander White, Toulouse School of Economics
Search Engines: Left Side Quality versus Right Side Profits

2009-09-16 10:00
Maria Persson, Lund University
Survival and Death in International Trade -- Discrete-Time Durations of EU Imports
(Co-author: Wolfgang Hess)

2009-09-09 10:00
Augusto Rupérez Micola, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
TV or not TV? Subtitling, English Skills and Economic Outcomes
(co-author:Arturo Bris and Albert Banal-Estanol)

2009-08-19 10:00
Bryan Caplan, George Mason University
The Myth of the Rational Voter

2009-08-12 10:00
Chistiaan Hogendorn, Wesleyan University
Platform Components with Outside Opportunities

2009-06-10 10:00
Mariagrazia Squicciarini, VTT
"R&D Subsidies’ Output Additionality. Some Econometric Evidence from Finland"
(co-author: Chiara Criscuolo)

2009-06-03 10:00
Anna Sjögren, IFAU
"The Long Run Consequences of Being Graded in Elementary School"

2009-05-27 10:00
Bo Rothstein, Gothenburg University
"Preventing Markets from Self-Destruction: The Quality of Government Factor"

2009-05-20 10:00
Guy Meunier, CIRED
"Capacity Choice, Technology Mix and Market Power"

2009-05-13 10:00
Kathrin Müller, ZEW
"Academic Entrepreneur's Human Capital Depreciation"

2009-05-06 10:00
Javier Ortega, City University London
"The Impact of Immigration on the French Labor Market: Why so different?"
(co-author: Gregory Verdugo)

2009-04-29 10:00
Johan Kiessling, Stockholm University
"The One Lakh Car, Economic Growth and CO2 Emissions in India"

2009-04-22 10:00
Erik Lindqvist, IFN
”The Labor Market Returns to Cognitive and Noncognitive Ability: Evidence from the Swedish Enlistment”
(co-author: Roine Westman)

2009-04-15 10:00
Gregor Zöttl, University of Munich, University of Munich
"A Framework of Peak Load Pricing with Strategic Firms"

2009-04-01 10:00
Lena Nekby, Stockholm University
"TIPping the Scales towards Greater Employment Chances? Evaluation of a Trial Introduction Program (TIP) for Newly-Arrived Immigrants based on Random Program Assignment"
(co-author: Pernilla Andersson Joona)

2009-03-25 10:00
Fredrik Andersson, Lund University
“On the Manipulability of Performance Measures and the Boundaries of Firms and Government Agencies”

2009-03-18 10:00
Emmanuel Frot, SITE
"The Demise of Social Insurance"

2009-03-11 10:00
Gisela Waisman, Stockholm University
"Do Attitudes Towards Immigrants Matter?"
(co-author: Birthe Larsen)

2009-03-04 10:00
Elias Einiö, University of Helsinki
"Government Subsidies and Private R&D: Evidence from Geographic Variation in Support Program Funding"

2009-02-18 10:00
Mario Larch, CESifO
"The Trade and Welfare Effects of Endogenous Preferential Trade Agreements"
(co-authors: Peter Egger, Kevin Staub and Rainer Winkelmann)

2009-02-11 10:00
Ulf Axelson, SIFR
“Leverage and Pricing in Buyouts: An Empirical Analysis”
(co-authors: Tim Jenkinson, Per Strömberg and Michael Weisbach)

2009-02-04 10:00
Andreas Haufler, University of Munich
"Unionisation Triggers Tax Incentives to Attract Foreign Direct Investment"
(co-author: Ferdinand Mittermaier)

2009-01-28 10:00
Ulrika Stavlöt, SIEPS
"Trade in Goods, Trade in Services and Outsourcing - How Do Attitudes Differ?"
(co-authors: Lars Calmfors, Girts Dimdins, Marie Gustavsson and Henry Montgomery)

2009-01-21 10:00
Jens Forssbaeck, Lund University
"Financial Determinants of FDI"
(co-author: Lars Oxelheim)

2009-01-14 10:00
Pär Holmberg, IFN
"Supply Function Equilibria: Step Functions and Continuous Representations"
(co-authors: David Newbery and Daniel Ralph)

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