2012-12-19 10:00
David Seim, IIES, Stockholm University
Real or Evasion Responses to the Wealth Tax? Theory and Evidence from Sweden

2012-12-12 10:00
Leslie M. Marx, Fuqua School of Business, Duke University
Buyer Resistance for Cartel versus Mergerco-authors: Vikram Kumar, Robert C. Marshall and Lily Samkharadze

2012-12-05 10:00
Marco Piovesan, University of Copenhagen
Pay Dispersion and Work Performance
co-author: Alessandro Bucciol

2012-11-28 10:00
William Kerr, Harvard University
Skilled Immigration and the Employment Structures and Innovation Rates of U.S. Firms
co-authors: Sari Pekkala Kerr and William F. Lincoln

2012-11-21 10:00
Daniel Metzger, Stockholm School of Economics
Financial Expert CEOs: Corporate Policies, CEO Choice, and the Firm Life Cycle

2012-11-14 10:00
Pierre Dubois, Toulouse School of Economics
Do Prices and Attributes Explain International Differences in Food Purchases?
co-authors: Rachel Griffith and Aviv Nevo

2012-11-07 10:00
Annette Alstadsæter, University of Oslo
Who Participates in Income Shifting?
co-author: Martin Jacob

2012-10-24 10:00
David Strömberg, IIES, Stockholm University
Newspaper Competition in China

2012-10-17 10:00
Juanna Joensen, Stockholm School of Economics
Student Aid, Academic Achievement, and Labor Market Behavior: Grants or Loans
co-author: Elena Mattana

2012-10-10 10:00
Sergei Kovbasyuk, Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance (EIEF), Rome
Wisdom of the Crowd

2012-10-03 10:00
Kristina Nyström, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)
Employment in New Firms as an Entry Port
co-author: Gulzat Zhetibaeva Elvung

2012-09-28 14:00
Alexander Ljungqvist, New York University
As Certain as Debt and Taxes: Estimating the Tax Sensitivity of Leverage from Exogenous State Tax Changes
co-author: Florian Heider

2012-09-26 10:00
Marco Ottaviani, Bocconi University
Targeted Advertising and Consumer Privacy
co-authors: Florian Hoffmann and Roman Inderst

2012-09-19 10:00
Stefan Voigt, University of Hamburg
The Role of the Constitution in Constraining the Military
co-author: Jerg Gutmann

2012-09-12 10:00
Matthew Lindquist, SOFI
Why Do Entrepreneurial Parents Have Entrepreneurial Children?

2012-09-05 10:00
Esteban Rossi-Hansberg, Princeton University
The Anatomy of French Production Hierarchies
co-authors: Lorenzo Caliendo and Ferdinando Monte

2012-06-13 10:00
Gustavo Manso, Haas School of Business, Berkeley
Incentives for Innovation

2012-05-30 10:00
Samuel Lee, New York University
Financing from Family and Friends

2012-05-23 10:00
Barbara Dluhosch, Helmut Schmidt University, Hamburg
Explaining the Income-Distribution Puzzle in Happiness Research: Theory and Evidence

2012-05-16 10:00
Ramin Baghai, Stockholm School of Economics and SIFR
Equity Ownership and Product Prices

2012-05-09 10:00
Daniel Rubenson, Ryerson University, Toronto
Exogenous Institutional Variation and Sudden Changes in Social Preferences: Results from a Field Experiment in Mongolia
co-authors: Peter John Loewen and Richard Sawyer

2012-05-04 11:15
Per Hjertstrand, Lund University
Non-parametric Test of Expected Utility: A Stochastic Revealed Preference Approach

2012-05-02 10:00
Konrad Stahl, University of Mannheim
Backwards Integration and Strategic Delegation
co-authors: Matthias Hunold and Lars-Hendrik Röller

2012-04-25 10:00
Topi Miettinen, Hanken School of Economics
Gambling for the Upper Hand - Settlement Negotiations in the Lab

2012-04-18 10:00
Fredrik Hansen, Lund University and Dalarna University
In What Way is Behavioral Economics More Realistic?

2012-04-04 10:00
Erik Wengström, Lund University and University of Copenhagen
Risk-Taking on Behalf of Others

2012-03-28 10:00
Christian Bjørnskov, University of Aarhus
Trust, Welfare States and Inequality: What Causes What?

2012-03-21 10:00
Ronny Freier, DIW, Berlin
Do Absolute Majorities Spend Less? Evidence from Germany

2012-03-14 10:00
Sebastian Schwenen, Copenhagen Business School
Strategic Bidding in Multiunit Auctions with Capacity Constrained Bidders: The New York Capacity Market

2012-03-07 10:00
Amil Petrin, University of Minnesota
The Impact of Research and Development on Quality, Productivity and Welfare
co-author: Frederic Warzynski

2012-02-22 10:00
Thomas Rønde, Copenhagen Business School
And the Winner is – Acquired. Entrepreneurship as a Contest with Acquisition as the Prize

2012-02-15 10:00
Johan Stennek, University of Gothenburg
Bidding for Higher Minimum Wages: Understanding Union Policy in Collective Wage Bargaining

2012-02-08 10:00
Mirjam van Praag, University of Amsterdam
The Effect of Early Entrepreneurship Education: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment
co-authors: Laura Rosendahl Huber and Randolph Sloof

2012-02-01 10:00
Fabrizio Zilibotti, University of Zurich
Chinese Growth in the Face of a Demographic Transition
co-authors: Zheng Song, Kjetil Storesletten and Yikai Wang

2012-01-25 10:00
Martin Ljunge, University of Copenhagen
Trust Issues: Evidence from Second Generation Immigrants

2012-01-18 10:00
Mikael Elinder and Oscar Erixson, IFN and Uppsala University
Every Man for Himself! The Myth of ’Women and Children First’ in Maritime Disasters

2012-01-11 10:00
Johanna Möllerström, Harvard University and IFN
Demand for Redistribution ‒ the Role of Cognitive Ability

2012-01-04 10:00
Elhanan Helpman, Harvard University
Trade and Inequality: From Theory to Estimation 

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