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EEAG report 2015

European energy union needed?


IFN in cooperation with CESifo

Öppna seminarier

The European Economic Advisory Group at CESifo, Munich, recently published its fourteenth ”Report on the European Economy”. A round table discussion will be devoted to the report’s chapter on energy policy. Professor John Driffill, Birkbeck College at the University of London, one of the authors, will present the results and energy policy recommendations in the study.

While the EU integration process has seen national boundaries become ever blurrier, this has not really been the case in energy supply. The report suggests that the EU member countries:

• Formulate an effective bargaining strategy to ensure a global reduction in CO2 emissions. • Establish a European energy union with a single market that does not discriminate against suppliers from other countries.
• Eliminate fixed feed-in tariffs as incompatible with a Europe-wide energy strategy.
• Commit to price flexibility in energy markets following the logic of unbundling, which means separating suppliers from energy producers and delivery systems (pipelines, grids).
• Provide public investment in the enhanced connectivity of energy networks like gas pipelines and power transmission lines.

This round table conference features a small number of invited academicians, stakeholders and journalists. The report is commented on by Thomas Tangerås, Associate Professor and Director of the IFN research program “The Economics of Electricity Markets”. He will also moderate the subsequent discussion.

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