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GDP is not enough – Or how to measure life


Diane Coyle
University of Manchester

Öppna seminarier

In the summer of 2014 the Swedish government commissioned a researcher to identify, analyze and propose additional measures to GDP. The idea was to develop metrics to broader illustrate quality of life. The study will be presented early this summer.

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Diane Coyle, visiting professor at the University of Manchester with a PhD in economics from Harvard, is one of the internationally renowned scholars in the debate on how we best define and measure national economies. She has authored a number of books, the latest one titled GDP: A Brief but Affectionate History (Princeton University Press). The book explains why even small changes in GDP can influence major political decisions and determine whether countries can keep borrowing or be thrown into recession. Coyle makes the case that GDP was a good measure for the twentieth century but is increasingly inappropriate for a twenty-first-century economy driven by innovation, services, and intangible goods.

Diane Coyle will give a lecture telling the story about GDP and how we in today’s globalized world must make sure that we get a more truthful picture of long-term economic prospects, with the development of official statistics on national wealth in its broadest sense, including natural and human resources. The presentation will be followed by a panel discussion.

Panel participants:
Diane Coyle, Professor, University of Manchester
Martin Flodén, Deputy Governor at Riksbanken
Karolina Ekholm, State Secretary at the Ministry of Finance
Magnus Henrekson, Professor and CEO IFN

Johanna Lybeck Lilja, former State Secretary at the Ministry of Finance, will be moderating the seminar.

Date: Thursday May 7, 2015, at 8.30 - 10.00
Registration starts at 8.00. A light breakfast will be served.

Venue: Armémuseum, Riddargatan 13, Stockholm, Sweden.
RSVP no later than April 30. The seminar is free of charge, but for no show-ups or late cancellations we have to invoice 200 SEK.

For more information please contact Elisabeth Precht,

Diane Coyle

Diane Coyle

Magnus Henrekson
Magnus Henrekson

Karolina Ekholm
Karolina Ekholm

Martin Floden
Martin Flodén

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