2010-12-15 10:00
Andrea Pozzi, Einaudi Institue for Economics and Finance (EIEF), Rome
Who Is Hurt by E-commerce? Crowding Out and Business Stealing in Online Grocery

2010-12-08 10:00
Ola Bengtsson, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
The Role of Lawyers in Venture Capital Contracting: Theory and Evidence
(co-author: Dan Bernhardt)

2010-12-01 10:00
Laurent Bach, Stockholm School of Ecoomics
Why are Family Firms so Small? Theory and Evidence from France

2010-11-24 10:00
Thomas Tangerås, IFN
Network Competition with Income Effects

2010-11-17 10:00
Talat Genc, University of Guelph, Canada
Dynamic Competition in Electricity Markets: Hydropower and Thermal Generation
(co-author: Henry Thille)

2010-11-10 10:00
James Anton, Duke University, USA
Quality, Upgrades and Equilibrium in a Dynamic Monopoly Model
(co-author: Gary Biglaiser)

2010-10-27 10:00
Almos M. Telegdy, Central European University and Institute of Economics – Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest
Where Does Privatization Work? Evidence from a Comparative Analysis of Firm-Level Performance in Transition Economies
(co-authors: J. David Brown and John S. Earle)

2010-10-20 10:00
Paul Oyer, Stanford University
Managerial Incentives and Value Creation: Evidence from Private Equity
(co-author: Phillip Leslie)

2010-10-13 10:00
Mikael Elinder, IFN and Uppsala Universitet
Carnegie Visits Nobel: Do Inheritances Affect Labor and Capital Income?

2010-10-06 10:00
Yoichi Sugita, Stockholm School of Economics
Matching, Quality, and Comparative Advantage: A Unified Theory of Heterogeneous Firm Trade

2010-09-29 10:00
Karl Wennberg and Saurav Pathak, Imperial Collage
Exit Experience, Social Norms, and Entrepreneurial Growth Aspirations:A Multi-Level Analysis

2010-09-22 10:10
Magnus Henrekson and Ulf Jakobsson, IFN
The Swedish Corporate Control Model: Convergence, Persistence or Decline?

2010-09-15 10:00
Augusto Rupérez Micola, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
The emergence of biofuels and the co-movement between crude oil and agricultural prices

2010-09-08 10:30
Rajarishi Nahata, Barouch Collage
Success in Global Venture Capital Investing: Do Institutional and Cultural Differences Matter?

2010-09-01 10:00
Andrew Philpott, University of Auckland
Production Inefficiency of Electricity Markets with Hydro Generation

2010-08-25 10:00
Andreas Waldkirch, Colby College
Multinational Firms and Plant Death
(co-authors: Pehr-Johan Norbäck and Ayça Tekin-Koru)

2010-08-16 10:30
Marie and Jerry Thursby, Georgia Tech
Sharing Among Competing Researchers
(Co-authors: Carolin Haeussler and Lin Jiang)

2010-06-23 10:00
Johanna Möllerström, Harvard University
Bubble Economics: Two Attempts to Understand the Economics of Asset Bubbles

2010-06-16 10:00
Daniel Klein, George Mason University
Any Rationale for Banned-till-Permitted for Pharmaceuticals? The Results of a Smart Questionnaire with Leading Health Economists

2010-06-09 10:00
Douglas Nelson, Tulane University and Murphy Institute of Political Econom
A Behavioral Model of Unemployment, Fairness and the Political Economy of Trade
(Co-authors: Carl Davidson and Steven J. Matusz)

2010-06-07 10:00
Richard Jensen, University of Notre Dame
University Inventions Licensed Through Startups

2010-06-02 10:00
Emmanuelle Auriol, Toulouse School of Economics and IDEI
Economic Integration and Investment Incentives in Regulated Industries
(Co-author: Sara Biancini)

2010-06-01 10:00
Michael Katz, University of California (Berkeley)

2010-05-26 10:00
Pär Holmberg, IFN
Mixed Strategies in Discriminatory Divisible-good Auctions
(co-authors: Edward J. Anderson and Andrew B. Philpott)

2010-05-19 10:00
Adrian Adermon, Uppsala University and Che-Yuan Liang, Uppsala University and IFN,
Piracy, Music, and Movies: A Natural Experiment

2010-05-12 10:00
Margaret Armstrong, Ecole des Mines de Paris
Do VPP Contracts Mitigate Market Power in France?

2010-05-05 10:00
Evgeny Lyandres, Boston University
Strategic IPOs and Product Market Competition
(co-author: Jiri Chod)

2010-04-28 10:00
Ali Yurukoglu, Stanford University
TheWelfare Effects of Bundling in Multi-Channel Television Markets
(co-author: Gregory S. Crawford)

2010-04-26 10:00
Gordon Phillips, University of Maryland and NBER
New Dynamic Product Based Industry Classifications and Endogenous Product Differentiation

2010-04-21 10:00
Richard Gilbert, University of California (Berkeley)
Merger in a bidding market: quantifying the unilateral effects
(co-author: Glenn Woroch)

2010-04-14 10:00
Richard Gilbert, University of California (Berkeley)
Efficient Division of Profits from Complementary Innovations
(co-author: Michael Katz)

2010-03-31 10:00
Bert Willems, Tilburg University
Regulation of Interconnector Investments in Natural Gas Networks – An Experimental Evaluation
(Co-authors: Bastian Henze and Charles Noussair)

2010-03-24 10:00
Karin Edmark , IFAU and IIES
Science of success: The causal effects of high school math and science on labor market outcomes
(co-author: Oskar Nordström Skans, IFAU)

2010-03-11 10:00
Christopher Pissarides, London School of Economics
Welfare Policy and the Distribution of Hours
(co-author: Rachel Ngai)

2010-02-10 14:00
Sascha Becker, University of Stirling
"Going NUTS: The Effect of EU Structural Funds on Regional Performance"
(co-authors: Peter H. Egger and Maximilian von Ehrlich)

2010-02-03 10:00
Holger Breinlich, University of Essex
Empirical Evaluations of Heterogeneous Firm Models: An Event Study Approach

2010-01-27 10:00
Peter Nilsson, Uppsala University
The Long-term Effects of Early Childhood Lead Exposure: Evidence from the Phase-out of Leaded Gasoline

2010-01-20 10:00
Damián Migueles, Stockholm School of Economics
When does trade liberalization promote economic growth?

2010-01-13 10:00
Olle Folke, IIES
Shades of Brown and Green: Party Effects in Proportional Election Systems

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