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Why are some immigrant groups more successful than others?



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2Panel15nov20175pers.jpgFrom left: Erik Nilsson, Edward Lazear, Paulina Neuding, Johan Forssell and Oskar Nordström Skans.

Edward Lazear, Professor of Economics at Stanford Graduate School of Business, is a labor economist and founder of a field known as personnel economics. Lazear has served as Chairman of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers 2006–2009. Recent work includes a study of the success of immigrant groups in the US. In his study Lazear has found an important basis for policy recommendations for the United States. Lately he has expanded his research with a study on Swedish data. His findings will be presented at the seminar. 

Sammanfattning från seminariet

In the US, the poorest performing groups have educational attainment averaging only 9 years whereas the most successful have attainment averaging 16 years. Earnings variation follow a similar pattern, Edward Lazear concludes. He has also studied immigrants to Sweden: In Sweden, average educational attainment by immigrant country of origin also has a wide range, varying from 9.5 to 14.5  years.

Edward Lazear will present his study “Why are some immigrant groups more successful than others?” followed by a panel discussion. The discussants are:

  • Edward Lazear, Professor of Economics at Stanford Graduate School of Business
  • Oskar Nordström Skans, Professor of Economics at Uppsala University and head of Uppsala Center for Labor Studies
  • Erik Nilsson, State Secretary to the Minister for Upper Secondary School and Adult Education and Training, Anna Ekström
  • Johan Forssell, MP and migration policy spokesperson Moderaterna
  • Paulina Neuding, Journalist and Ll.M.

Cecilia Garme, Journalist and Ph.D. in Political Science, will moderate the discussion.

Date: Wednesday November 15, at 8.30–10.00; Registration and coffee (& sandwich) starts at 8.00.

Venue: Medelhavsmuseet, Fredsgatan 2, Stockholm

Registration no later than November 8, 2017.


This seminar is free of charge, though by cancellation after November 12, an administrative fee of SEK 200 will apply.

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