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IFN researcher receives Pearson Prize

24 October 2022

Joacim Tåg, Associate Professor at IFN, received a prize for his article "What Prevents Women from Reaching the Top?", written jointly with Professor Matti Keloharju and Professor Samuli Knüpfer (both affiliated with IFN).

The article has been published in the journal Financial Management, published by the Financial Management Association. The researchers won the "Pearson Prize (runner-up)" for best article in the last two years in Financial Management and the award for best article in the autumn 2022 edition of Financial Management.

The article shows that female managers are less likely to be appointed CEO and to well-paid managerial positions than men. Differences in qualifications cannot explain this, as female managers are more qualified than men. Instead, the article shows that the explanation is that women fall behind men in their careers for the first five years after family formation.

Read the study here: