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Education Economics

Lifelong Learning and Employment Outcomes: Evidence from Sweden

Journal Article
Heller Sahlgren, Gabriel (forthcoming). “Lifelong Learning and Employment Outcomes: Evidence from Sweden”. Education Economics.

Gabriel Heller Sahlgren

We study the relationship between adult education and training (AET) and employment in Sweden. Exploiting rich data from the Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies, and using an inverse-probability weighted regression-adjustment estimator, we find that AET is positively related to the probability of doing paid work. This relationship is driven by non-formal, job-related AET, such as on-the-job training. We also find that the relationship – the strength of which increases with training intensity – is similar across different types of non-formal, job-related AET. The results suggest that policies stimulating relevant AET take-up have promise to secure higher employment.