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Working Paper No. 1404

The Global Logistic Chain Under Siege in a Post-Covid Era

Working Paper
Oxelheim, Lars and Trond Randøy (2021). “The Global Logistic Chain Under Siege in a Post-Covid Era”. IFN Working Paper No. 1404. Stockholm: Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN).

Lars Oxelheim, Trond Randøy

Based on historical analogies, we emphasize a connection between financial crises and technological shifts where the shift calls for a structural economic transformation. We discuss how political pressures related to this structural transformation pave the way for the return of a new form of Mercantilism. This time it is the competition for high-tech jobs that drives politicians to be more nationalistic. Our conclusion is that the race for jobs in a period of technology shift, coupled with experimental efforts by central banks, will lead to the need for a post-covid 19 reorganization of international companies’ global logistics chain. The current pandemic will act as a catalyst to this very transformation.

Lars Oxelheim

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