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Ann-Sofie Isaksson

Associate Professor

Ann-Sofie Isaksson defended her PhD-thesis at the University of Gothenburg in 2011. Her research deals with aid, institutional development and governance in developing countries.

Affiliated Researcher

Ann-Sofie Isaksson

University of Gothenburg
+46 (0)735 923 938
Research interests: Corruption, Development economics, Institutional economics, Political behavior, Social norms

Some of the questions Ann-Sofie Isaksson tries to answer with her research:

  • To what extent does foreign aid help developing countries reach the SDG targets and how can it be made more efficient in this respect?
  • What are the local political economy effects of Chinese development projects in Sub-Saharan Africa?
  • What interventions can help change persistent gender norms harmful to women’s health and welfare in developing countries?
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