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Dagmar Müller


Dagmar Müller obtained her Ph.D. in Economics in June 2020 from Uppsala University for her dissertation Social Networks and the School-to-Work Transition. Previously, Dagmar has been working as a researcher and Ph.D. student at IFAU and has been a visiting Ph.D. student at Northwestern University. She is also affiliated with IZA and UCLS. 

IFN Researcher

Dagmar Müller

Research interests: Econometrics, Education, Family business, Labor economics

Some of the questions Dagmar tries to answer in her research: 

  • How does the reliance on social connections affect high school graduates’ school-to-work transition and career trajectories?
  • What is the relative importance of different types of social networks for labor market outcomes and matching?
  • How does the Corona crisis affect study choices?
  • Are family firms different?
Current writings

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