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Johan Wennström


Johan Wennström received his Ph.D. in Political Science in February 2019 from Linköping University. The title of his dissertation is Interpreting Policy Convergence Between the Left and the Right: Essays on Education and Immigration. His research focus is on the moral foundations of policymaking. He is particularly interested in education and migration policy. He has previously worked as a political adviser for the Swedish government and as an editorial writer in Svenska Dagbladet, where he is presently a regular contributor to the culture pages.


IFN Researcher

Johan Wennström

+46 (0)8 665 4581
Research interests: Education, Market regulations, Political behavior, Social norms, Welfare state

Some of the questions Johan Wennströms tries to answer in his research: 

  • What role does moral foundations play in political decision making?
  • Has political convergence between left and right had any significance for Swedish educational policy?
  • What is the function of cognitive styles in policy decisions? 
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