Below you will find news that in one or the other way involves IFN and the institute's research and/or researchers.

  • Özge Öner awarded Young Researcher Award 2019


    On Thursday Özge Öner, IFN and the University of Cambridge, received the Young Researcher Award 2019 for "significant contributions to our understanding of entrepreneurship," explained the chairman of the prize committee Martin Andersson, professor at Blekinge Institute of Technology. The prize sum is SEK 150,000 and is given every year, alternately to a man and a woman, by the…

  • Åsa Hansson: We need lower corporate taxes


    How do Swedish taxes compare to other OECD countries? This is the topic of a report published by SNS. Åsa Hansson, University of Lund and affiliated to IFN talked about the report at a seminar at SNS. Sweden, being a small country, needs to lower corporate taxes to be competitive on a global market, said Åsa Hansson.

  • Magnus Henrekson appointed to suggest boardmembers of Lund University


    Professor Magnus Henrekson, Managing director of IFN, has been appointed by the Government to propose who should be Chairman and further members of the Board of Lund University. He is one of two appointees that will give their suggestions for the operational period of May 2020 - April 2023. The other nominee is Maria Arnholm, former Minister of Gender Equality and the Liberals party secretary.

  • Per Skedinger to study minimum wages for the European Commission


    Per Skedinger, IFN and Associate Professor at Linnaeus University, School of Business and Economics, in Växjö, has been appointed by the European Commission and its program for Employment and Social Innovation ,EaSI, to conduct a case study on collectively agreed minimum wages in the Nordic countries. The objective of the study is to discuss the effects on wage structure and employment.…

  • Awarded for research on the importance of geography for entrepreneurship


    Özge Öner, IFN, and Cambridge University is awarded the Young Researcher Award 2019 (Unga forskarpriset 2019). She lectures on her research at a lunch seminar at the Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum on September 12. Öner is awarded for her research on 1) the geographical aspects of entrepreneurship (especially in the retail and tourism sectors), 2) entrepreneurship (mainly among…

  • From IFN to doctoral studies in Berlin


    In the summer of 2018, Hedda Nielsen started working as a research assistant at IFN. Now, a year later, she is leaving the institute to begin doctoral studies at the Berlin School of Economics & Humboldt University in Berlin. She explains that at IFN, she has gained insight into many different research areas and learned a lot about data processing.

  • ESO-report about digitalization by IFN-researcher


    A report about digitalization in health care by Mårten Blix, IFN, and Charlotta Levay, Lund University, was presented by the Expert Group on Public Economics (ESO) in Swedish in December 2018 and is now published in English. "New technology enables citizens to better monitor their health, take preventive measures, and, if necessary, take more control of their health situation"…

  • First academic seminar of the fall


    On Monday, the first academic brown bag seminar of the fall was held at IFN (research at an early stage).  Johanna Möllerström, George Mason University in Washington DC and affiliate of IFN,  presented the study "A Meritocratic Origin of Egalitarian Behavior." In experiments, the researchers have studied how people (in the US and Norway) believe that it is fair to…

  • "I have learned a lot about data processing"


    "It was great that my time as a summer assistant at IFN started with this year's Summer get-together," says Kajsa Rudal. This event involves almost all researchers and employees. "I immediately learned who was who," she explains. Kajsa says she learned a lot about data processing, which she will benefit greatly from in the future. And, she has had no dull and monotonous…

  • IFN in the world of film


    For a couple of years now, the Research Institute of Industrial Economics has been filming public activities organized by the Institute. By subscribing, you can see all the videos immediately when posted, which is usually later the same day that an event takes place. There are also videos explaining what the researchers are working on in the various research programs and interviews with, among…

  • Does economists know better?


    Assar Lindbeck, professor of economics at IFN and Stockholm University, talks in this about 10 minutes long video with Magnus Henrekson, professor and CEO of IFN. The questions he answers include: Whether economists can do better than others? And how come that his research deals with norms and incentives? Also, Assar Lindbeck tells us what was different about the famous Lindbeck Commission that he…

  • Research relevant for trade and industry


    IFN is a private and independent foundation that researches questions that are of high relevance to Swedish business and industry. In today's knowledge-intensive and global competition, specialization is increasing, but also the need for broad societal perspectives. The researchers at IFN are united in their belief that methods of economics offer a powerful tool for understanding society.

  • The higher the trust, the more intrapreneurship


    Niklas Elert and Mikael Stenkula, IFN, have studied how trust in society affects entrepreneurship among employees in existing companies, so-called intrapreneurship. They find that trust provides a higher degree of work autonomy in existing companies, which is a prerequisite for intrapreneurship to flourish. Trust also renders a more comprehensive welfare state. Because many benefits are often more…

  • Research focus in panel discussions and presentations


    Researchers from IFN were invited by external organizations to be part of numerous panels and presentations during “Almedalen”. This is an eight-day event in Visby on the Baltic island of Gotland. This annual event takes place at the beginning of July when politicians, opinion leaders, media, corporations, and interested Swedes come together and have the opportunity to attend thousands…

  • Mobile ban in Swedish schools is not effective


    French high school students have not, by law, been able to use their cell phones at school for a year. And, since 2007, Swedish teachers, according to the Education Act, have the right to "take care of objects that are used in a way that is disturbing in class." Under these circumstances, what would a total ban on mobile phones in our schools bring about, asked Björn Tyrefors and…

  • Happy Midsummer!


    A central part of the Swedish summer is the Midsummer celebration. IFN wishes all visitors to this site a happy midsummer and a pleasant summer.

  • Informal health expertise affects our health


    On Wednesday, Petra Persson, Stanford University and affiliate to IFN, presented research showing that the likelihood is greater that people with access to informal health expertise, such as a doctor or a nurse in the family, will be 80 or older. At the seminar at SNS, Mårten Palme, Stockholm University, commented on the research based on his own studies on the connection between education…

  • Nordic cooperation in developing new technology, is best for the climate


    On Tuesday, the think tank Fores presented the report Climate Policies in the Nordic – Nordic Economic Policy Review 2019 (Nordic Council of Ministers), with Lars Calmfors, IFN, and John Hassler, Stockholm University, as editors. Together with a number of researchers, they have studied how the Nordic countries can best contribute to international climate policy. Calmfors and Hassler…

  • Avid debate on wage regulation


    On Thursday, the new book Kollektivavtal och lönenormering i en ny tid (Dialogos 2019) was presented at a seminar in Stockholm. It is authored by Lars Calmfors, Simon Ek, Ann-Sofie Kolm, and Per Skedinger. They have studied and analyzed how the Swedish collective bargaining model can be reformed so that greater consideration is given to the lack of qualified labor, such as nurses, and the…

  • Nordic cooperation on industrial organization


    A two-day conference on the industrial organization was held on 10-11 June in Stockholm by IFN, Stockholm School of Economics and Södertörn University. About 45 participants came to the workshop, which was the eleventh organized by Norio (Nordic Workshop on Industrial Organization), which is held every two years. The overall purpose of these workshops is to stimulate collaboration and…

  • New report on the integration of immigrants into the Nordic labor markets


    Lars Calmfors, IFN, is the main author of a new report written for the Nordic Council of Ministers: Integrating immigrants into the Nordic Labour Markets: An Overall Perspective. The report was presented on Wednesday in Oslo. Per Skedinger, IFN, and Simon Ek, Uppsala University and affiliate to IFN, have written a chapter titled "Wage Policy”. The report shows that subsidized private…

  • Deep dive into knowledge - about education


    On Tuesday, the book Glädjeparadoxen – historien om skolans uppgång, fall och möjliga upprättelse (The Happiness Paradox - the story of the school's rise, fall, and possible recovery) (Dialogos Förlag 2019) was presented at a seminar in Stockholm. One of the book's two authors, Gabriel Heller Sahlgren, London School of Economics and IFN, explained that…

  • Boyan Jovanovic received the Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research


    On Thursday, Boyan Jovanovic, this year's winner of the Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research, received his award at a ceremony at the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA). The award was handed over by the Minister for Business, Industry and Innovation, Ibrahim Baylan, together with Jan-Olof Jacke, Director General of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise. Read more about…

  • Apparent conflict of aims in the education system


    “What is meant by high-quality education?” That was the theme of a conference organized by the Swedish Association of Independent Schools. Gabriel Heller Sahlgren, London School of Economics and IFN, discussed the importance of understanding goal incongruence among the many quality-based goals in the education system. For example to increase student influence. Sahlgren presented…

  • Per Skedinger appointed expert in new committe on labor law


    The Government has appointed Gudmund Toijer to a one person committee to propose a modernization of the labor law. The appointment and design of the directives are based on the January agreement between the Social Democrats, the Center Party, the Liberals, and the Green Party. Per Skedinger, IFN, has been appointed an expert in the inquiry. His research has, among other things, focused on the…

  • IFN's research spans a wide field


    IFN has on several occasions invited representatives of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise member organizations to present the institute's broad field of research. "IFN's research and its importance in the public debate" (Magnus Henrekson), "Privatization of welfare services" (Henrik Jordahl) and "Is the Swedish business sector more entrepreneurial than the…

  • Happy Easter!


    Happy Easter to all the visitors to this website.

  • Discussing industry, entrepreneurship and the labor market


    At the end of March, the industry-, labor market- and entrepreneurship-group (FAME) at IFN organized an internal workshop for IFN researchers and affiliates. During the workshop, research conducted with IFN's company data and Swedish registry data was presented and discussed. The purpose of the meeting was to review informally, in a small group and to discuss research ideas and ongoing…

  • Retail: the difference between urban and rural areas is increasing


    On Friday, Özge Öner, IFN, presented the results of three years of research on the importance of retail for urban and rural areas. The title of the research project is "Shopping for change: The role of retail for urban and rural development in Sweden". The research has been financed by the Handelsrådet (Trade Council). "The industry's size corresponds to almost…

  • A European perspective on the nation state


    "As a first big step to saving cohesion within the EU, national politicians must learn to give recognition to the EU for success and not, as the moment itself takes the credit and then blame all the hard-earned decisions on the EU," summarizes the debate on the EU book, Oxelheim summarizes the debate and the return of the nation-state (the 22nd year of Europaperspektiv) on Wednesday was…

  • Research shows that patients want better accessibility and continuity


    Research by Petra Persson, Stanford University and IFN, Maria Polyakova and Yiqun Chen, also active at Stanford, shows that people with access to informal health expertise through a family member who works as a doctor or nurse are 10 percent more likely to become 80 years or older. They are also significantly less likely to have chronic lifestyle-related diseases such as heart attacks, heart…

  • Visiting researcher: A way to exchange ideas


    Over the years many guests have visited IFN and spent some time at the Institute. This is a way to exchange ideas with researchers working in other countries and to collaborate on projects. Ludek Kouba is a visitor of IFN during spring and summer of 2019. He is an associate professor at the Department of Economics at Mendel University in Brno in the Czech Republic. Also, Kouba has a part-time…

  • To cope with a crises: Don't copy the past or other countries!


    “What I believe is missing in Italy is not the reforms, but believing in the reforms”, said Guiseppe Bertola, University of Turin, when presenting this years' EEAG Report on a seminar in Stockholm. He added that "the solution is not to do the reforms that Germany is doing, it’s not to become Danish and it’s not to do what you did when the country did well. The…

  • Global Award 2019 goes to Boyan Jovanovic


    The 2019 Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research goes to Boyan Jovanovic, Professor of Economics, New York University. Jovanovic is awarded for his pioneering research on the competitive dynamics between incumbent firms and new ventures, entrepreneurial learning and selection processes. The Global Award is the foremost international award in entrepreneurship research with a prize sum of…

  • Now you can download highly acclaimed book about Swedish education


    Finally, you might say, the highly acclaimed book Kunskapssynen och pedagogiken (Knowledge and the pedagogy) (Dialogos Bokförlag) can be downloaded online. The book, with Professor Magnus Henrekson as editor, was launched in  2017 and Magnus Henrekson has since that time presented it at numerous seminars, conferences, and meetings. The most common reaction has been, he says, either that…

  • How hate spreads online


    On Monday, Joakim Jansson, Linnaeus University and affiliated with IFN, presented research on hatred online, at a brown bag seminar at IFN. Jansson, together with Emma von Essen, is researching the connection between anonymity and hate towards feminists and foreigners spread online. They find that when anonymity is weakened, the hate generally subsides, including hatred towards foreigners.

  • Myrdal Prize awarded to Erik Prawitz


    The Myrdal Award (Myrdalspriset) 2018 has been awarded to Erik Prawitz, IFN, and Mounir Karadja, Uppsala University, for the article "Emigration to America and the Swedish Workers' Movement" (Ekonomisk Debatt No. 8, 2018). The jury explains that the driving forces behind today's global migration flows can be compared to the emigration from Sweden from the 1880s until the First…

  • Staffan Bohman, new chairman of the board


    Staffan Bohman will be the new chairman of the board of the Research Institute of Industrial Economics, IFN. He succeeds Michael Treschow, who has been chairman 2011–2018.

  • Open House attracted many students


    In early February IFN invited PhD students and students in their final year of the master program in economics to an Open House. The students came from Uppsala University, Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm University, Jönköping International Business School, University of Gothenburg and Lund University. Following a number of presentations of the Institute and research projects the…

  • Parliamentary committee interested in research on digitalization


    On Tuesday, Mårten Blix, IFN, presented research on digitalization in healthcare to the Committee on Social Insurance in Swedish Parliament. Blix, together with Allan Gustafsson, was invited to talk about their findings and to answer the members' questions. Both Blix and Gustafsson are authors of a ESO reports on digitalization within healthcare.

  • The difference grows between city and countryside!


    “Many small and shrinking municipalities are finding it increasingly difficult to cope with their welfare assignment”, says Eva Mörk, Uppsala University, Gissur Ó Erlingsson, Linköping University, and Lovisa Persson, IFN, in the SNS Konjunkturrådsrapport 2019. They advocate, among other things, that asymmetric division of responsibility is studied, i.e., that…

  • "Those who like the idea of basic income should embrace 'muddling through'"


    On Monday, the Centre for Business and Policy Studies SNS, organized a seminar on basic income, also called citizen's salary (medborgarlön). Andreas Bergh, IFN and Lund University, presented the background to the public debate and the various arguments – for and against. Minna Ylikännö, a researcher at the Finnish Social Security Administration, presented a Finnish…

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