Below you will find news that in one or the other way involves IFN and the institute's research and/or researchers.

  • Global Award 2019 goes to Boyan Jovanovic


    The 2019 Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research goes to Boyan Jovanovic, Professor of Economics, New York University. Jovanovic is awarded for his pioneering research on the competitive dynamics between incumbent firms and new ventures, entrepreneurial learning and selection processes. The Global Award is the foremost international award in entrepreneurship research with a prize sum of…

  • Now you can download highly acclaimed book about Swedish education


    Finally, you might say, the highly acclaimed book Kunskapssynen och pedagogiken (Knowledge and the pedagogy) (Dialogos Bokförlag) can be downloaded online. The book, with Professor Magnus Henrekson as editor, was launched in  2017 and Magnus Henrekson has since that time presented it at numerous seminars, conferences, and meetings. The most common reaction has been, he says, either that…

  • How hate spreads online


    On Monday, Joakim Jansson, Linnaeus University and affiliated with IFN, presented research on hatred online, at a brown bag seminar at IFN. Jansson, together with Emma von Essen, is researching the connection between anonymity and hate towards feminists and foreigners spread online. They find that when anonymity is weakened, the hate generally subsides, including hatred towards foreigners.

  • Myrdal Prize awarded to Erik Prawitz


    The Myrdal Award (Myrdalspriset) 2018 has been awarded to Erik Prawitz, IFN, and Mounir Karadja, Uppsala University, for the article "Emigration to America and the Swedish Workers' Movement" (Ekonomisk Debatt No. 8, 2018). The jury explains that the driving forces behind today's global migration flows can be compared to the emigration from Sweden from the 1880s until the First…

  • Staffan Bohman, new chairman of the board


    Staffan Bohman will be the new chairman of the board of the Research Institute of Industrial Economics, IFN. He succeeds Michael Treschow, who has been chairman 2011–2018.

  • Open House attracted many students


    In early February IFN invited PhD students and students in their final year of the master program in economics to an Open House. The students came from Uppsala University, Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm University, Jönköping International Business School, University of Gothenburg and Lund University. Following a number of presentations of the Institute and research projects the…

  • Parliamentary committee interested in research on digitalization


    On Tuesday, Mårten Blix, IFN, presented research on digitalization in healthcare to the Committee on Social Insurance in Swedish Parliament. Blix, together with Allan Gustafsson, was invited to talk about their findings and to answer the members' questions. Both Blix and Gustafsson are authors of a ESO reports on digitalization within healthcare.

  • The difference grows between city and countryside!


    “Many small and shrinking municipalities are finding it increasingly difficult to cope with their welfare assignment”, says Eva Mörk, Uppsala University, Gissur Ó Erlingsson, Linköping University, and Lovisa Persson, IFN, in the SNS Konjunkturrådsrapport 2019. They advocate, among other things, that asymmetric division of responsibility is studied, i.e., that…

  • "Those who like the idea of basic income should embrace 'muddling through'"


    On Monday, the Centre for Business and Policy Studies SNS, organized a seminar on basic income, also called citizen's salary (medborgarlön). Andreas Bergh, IFN and Lund University, presented the background to the public debate and the various arguments – for and against. Minna Ylikännö, a researcher at the Finnish Social Security Administration, presented a Finnish…

  • This is why we have a glass ceiling in the labor market


    Joacim Tåg, IFN, commented, at an SNS seminar, on a presentation by Marianne Bertrand, professor at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Bertrand presented research on the underlying causes for why women are still underrepresented amongst high-income earners despite the progress in equality of the genders in several other aspects. At the seminar Joacim Tåg talked about…

  • Ethnic segregation has increased, and so has self-employment


    “Ethnic segregation has increased in Sweden since the 1990’s but so has the share of self-employment among immigrants”, said Mats Hammarstedt, Linnéuns University and affiliated researcher to IFN, at the seminar "Segregation and refugees’ entrepreneurship" (SNS). Henrik Andersson, Uppsala University, presented a study on the effects of ethnic segregation on…

  • "Operation digitalization"


    The ESO-report (The Expert Group on Public Economics) Operation digitalisering (Operation digitalization), by Mårten Blix, IFN, and Charlotta Lavay, Lund University, was presented at a seminar. The authors write about digitalization in the health care sector and demand a more pragmatic view on the topic. While many individuals can already today seek health care (advice) via…

  • No one "miracle reform" can create enough jobs


    Together with the publisher Dialogos, IFN arranged a seminar about the book “How can more enter the labor market? (Hur ska fler komma in på arbetsmarknaden?). Professor Lars Calmfors, who is one of the authors of the book, was interviewed by the journalist Cecilia Garme. The interview revolved mainly around problems of integrating foreign-born individuals in the Swedish labor market.…

  • Sweden has become richer!


    The Swedish Research Council and the Institute for Future Studies arranged the public seminar “What happens when the rich become richer?” (Vad händer när de rika blir rikare?). One of the participants was the IFN-researcher Professor Daniel Waldenström. His presentation contained topics such as wealth growth in Sweden, redistribution and its implications for capital…

  • Many don’t know enough about their pension plan


    Mikael Elinder, Uppsala University and affiliated to IFN, and Johannes Hagen, Jönköping International Business School, presented their report Den komplexa tjänsterapporten (SNS). Individuals report that the occupational pension system is difficult to understand, explained Elinder. Few people understand this specific part of the pension system. One fourth of the respondents do not…

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