Open House attracted many students


In early February IFN invited PhD students and students in their final year of the master program in economics to an Open House. The students came from Uppsala University, Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm University, Jönköping International Business School, University of Gothenburg and Lund University. Following a number of presentations of the Institute and research projects the students mingled with researchers and research assistants learing more about what it's like to be a researcher.

Erik Lundin.jpg
Erik Lundin, PhD, presented a research project titled “Insufficient competition results in higher electricity prices, in Sweden”, from the research program The Economics of Electricity Markets.

Mårten Blix.jpg
Mårten Blix,
 PhD, presented research on digitalization, which is a topic within the research program Globalization and Corporate Restructuring.

Mikael Stenkula.jpg
Associate Professor Mikael Stenkula talked about the history of the Swedish tax system from an entrepreneurial perspective.
Stenkula’s research is within the program The Economics of Entrepreneurship.

Lovisa Persson.jpg
Lovisa Persson,
PhD, presented research from the program The Economics of the Service Sector. The title of the presentation was “Productivity and Competition in Home Care”.

Martin Ljunge.jpg
Associate Professor Martin Ljunge talked about his research on “Prerequisites for Growth – Institutions and Social Attitudes in a Global Economy”.
He researches within the program The Economics of Institutions and Culture.

Malin Gardberg.jpg
Malin Gardberg,
 PhD, works at IFN since the fall of 2018. She talked about her experience as a young researcher at IFN.

Lars Persson.jpg
Professor Lars Persson, Deputy Director at IFN, held a presentation on trends within research in economics, IFN’s database and alumni networks.


After the presentations, the students mingled with IFN researchers and discussed research in general and in particular research in Economics. The students also got a chance to know what it’s like to be a research assistant at IFN and the importance of policy-relevant questions in research.

Mingel 2.jpg
Marcos Demetry,
Research Assistant at IFN, talking to students.

Mingel 1.jpg
Professor Magnus Henrekson, Managing Director of IFN, discussing with students what it’s like to work as a researcher.

Mingel 3.jpg
Lars Persson, Professor and IFN’s Deputy Director, in conversation with students and Hanna Mühlrad, PhD and affiliated with IFN.

Mingel 4.jpg
Martin Ljunge, Associate Professor and researcher at IFN, talking
about the challenges and benefits of being a researcher.

Mingel 5.jpg
Fredrik Heyman, Associate Professor
and researcher at IFN, in conversation with one of the students that came to IFN’s open house.

Mingel 6.jpg
Simon Ek,
 PhD student at Uppsala University and former research assistant at IFN, in talking with, among others, Lovisa Persson, PhD and researcher at IFN.

Mingel 7.jpg
Malin Gardberg, 
PhD and Professor Henrik Horn talking to students at mingle following presentations of IFN.

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