Now you can download highly acclaimed book about Swedish education


Finally, you might say, the highly acclaimed book Kunskapssynen och pedagogiken (Knowledge and the pedagogy) (Dialogos Bokförlag) can be downloaded online. The book, with Professor Magnus Henrekson as editor, was launched in  2017 and Magnus Henrekson has since that time presented it at numerous seminars, conferences, and meetings. The most common reaction has been, he says, either that "you explain something I knew but wasn't able to put words on" or skepticism and surprise, people saying that "this can't be true, it is far from common sense and is not logical."

How come that Inger Enkvist, professor emerita in Spanish at Lund University, Magnus Henrekson, professor IFN, Martin Ingvar, professor of integrative medicine, Karolinska Institutet, and Ingrid Wållgren, a doctoral student in the history of ideas and learning, Lund University, wrote a book about Swedish education?

The explanation is their consensus on what has gone wrong in the Swedish school system: that while leading policymakers talk about the importance of knowledge and education, pedagogical theories that degrade knowledge have had a substantial impact on the education system. "It is preferable that students themselves discover how the world works, rather than being taught by a teacher." The authors explain that this approach lacks support in both research and proven experience. And that student-centered learning is ineffective. The work memory is quickly overloaded if you try to learn everything from scratch when solving problems. Well-Designed classroom education is much more effective.

Has the debate changed since the launch of the book in 2017?

Yes, says Magnus Henrekson, it has changed radically.

"More and more key players in the field of the Swedish education system 
now consider many of today's problems in school are linked to the prevailing view of knowledge and the teaching methods that follow. Lately, I have even been invited to give lectures at institutions for those who train teachers, says Magnus Henrekson.

Read the book (in Swedish)

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