A European perspective on the nation state


From the left are Lars Oxelheim, IFN, Özge Öner, IFN, Sofia Bengtsson, moderator, Fredrik Andersson, Lund University, Cecilia Malmström, EU Commission, and Cécile Brokelind, Lund University.

"As a first big step to saving cohesion within the EU, national politicians must learn to give recognition to the EU for success and not, as the moment itself takes the credit and then blame all the hard-earned decisions on the EU," summarizes the debate on the EU book, Oxelheim summarizes the debate and the return of the nation-state (the 22nd year of Europaperspektiv) on Wednesday was discussed in Brussels. This took place at the Swedish Permanent Representation to the EU with the participation of, among others, trade commissioner Cecilia Malmström.

Özge Öner, IFN, presented the chapter "The refugee crisis and the return of the nation state – should the EU have a common refugee policy?" authored by herself, Magnus Henrekson, IFN, and Tino Sanandaji, HHS. Lars Oxelheim, affiliated to IFN, is one of the editors of the book and organizer of a seminar series about the same.

In addition to Brussels, Europaperspektiv have been presented in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Helsinki.

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