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Gabriel Heller Sahlgren was interviewed on stage by journalist Cecilia Garme about the book "Glädjeparadoxen" (The Happiness Paradox). Photo: Karl Gabor.

On Tuesday, the book Glädjeparadoxen – historien om skolans uppgång, fall och möjliga upprättelse (The Happiness Paradox - the story of the school's rise, fall, and possible recovery) (Dialogos Förlag 2019) was presented at a seminar in Stockholm. One of the book's two authors, Gabriel Heller Sahlgren, London School of Economics and IFN, explained that we must take the conflict between joy and effective learning seriously. Magnus Henrekson, IFN, who initiated and closed the seminar, said that the education system we have today is a perfect recipe for increasing the inequality in society and if increased polarization is what we want, we can just continue to build on the current school system.


2019-05-21 Magnus Henrekson.jpg
Magnus Henrekson, IFN, initiated, and closed the seminar about the new book "Glädjeparadoxen." He explained that today's school is detrimental to students who do not receive motivation to study from home. Photo: Karl Gabor.


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A panel with Sara Svanlund, vice chairman of Lärarnas Riksförbund (The National Union of Teachers in Sweden), Kristina Axén Olin, spokesperson for educational policy for Moderaterna and Widar Andersson, editor-in-chief  Folkbladet (S), discussed the paradox for joy in the Swedish school. Photo: Karl Gabor.


2019-05-21 Publik.jpg
A knowledgeable and enthusiastic audience came to and participated in the seminar on the new book "Glädjeparadoxen”. Photo: Karl Gabor.


From the left: Magnus Henrekson, Cecilia Garme, Kristina Axén Olin, Widar Andersson, Gabriel Heller Sahlgren and Sara Svanlund. Photo: Karl Gabor.

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