Research focus in panel discussions and presentations


Researchers from IFN were invited by external organizations to be part of numerous panels and presentations during “Almedalen”. This is an eight-day event in Visby on the Baltic island of Gotland. This annual event takes place at the beginning of July when politicians, opinion leaders, media, corporations, and interested Swedes come together and have the opportunity to attend thousands of seminars and numerous informal events.

During the Almedals Week, IFN researchers participated in public seminars but also as speakers at lunches/dinners for specially invited guests. Lars Calmfors, Mårten Blix, Gabriel Heller Sahlgren, Henrik Jordahl, Per Skedinger and Johan Wennström were all in Visby to give talks about their research. The subjects addressed by the researchers were everything from financing the welfare state, integration of immigrants to equivalence and segregation in the school — digitization in healthcare, religion, and labor legislation was also part of the agenda.


2019-07-03 AlmedalenCalmfors.jpg"What can be done to future-proof the welfare state and how can we manage the financing in 2030?" was the theme at a seminar organized by KPMG. From the left are Berit Müllerström, Vice Chairman LO, Lars Calmfors, IFN, Andreas Åström, Head of Business Policy and Communications at Almega and Bettina Kashefi, Chief Economist, Confederation of Swedish Enterprise. Photo: KPMG.

coverage from a seminar  (in Swedish) on integration into the labor market in Arbetsmarknadsnytt. Lars Calmfors, IFN, also participated in this seminar.


2019-07-03 AlmedalenWennström.jpg
"How is Christianity linked to liberalism?" was the title of a seminar organized by the Newman Institute, the Journal of Signum and the Studieförbundet Bilda. Johan Wennström, IFN, (in the middle) debated with Susanne Nyström, Editorial writer, Eskilstuna-Kuriren and Katrineholms-Kuriren, Birgitta Ed, Entreprenör and priest candidate for the Swedish Church, and Thomas Idergard, Jesuit pater. Katrine Marçal was the moderator.


2019-07-03 AlmedalenJordahl.jpg
The Swedish Association of Independent Schools (Friskolornas Riksförbund) organized a seminar on equality and segregation in the school system. How can schools succeed with the compensatory assignment, was one of the questions Henrik Jordahl, IFN, analyzed. In the seminar also participated Fredrik Lindgren, CEO, Kunskapsskolan, Sirkka Persson, Vice-Chancellor, Kringlaskolan, and Stefan Nypelius, SKL, and  Centerpartiet.

Read an interview (in Swedish) from Almedalen with Henrik Jordahl.


Mårten Blix, IFN, participated in a seminar in Almedalen, which was held by the Forum for Health Policy. The subject was "Digital health care - myths and truths." The picture also shows Cecilia Karlsson, Digitalization Strategist, Region Värmland, and moderator Anne Carlsson, Reformklubben. Mårten Blix also presented his research at a seminar entitled "The future of digital hearing care - how can digitization create opportunities for equal hearing care" organized by Audika.

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