Özge Öner awarded Young Researcher Award 2019


Özge Öner received this year's Young Researcher Award, which is awarded by the Entrepreneurship Forum. In the picture Öner and Professor Johan Eklund, CEO of Entrepreneurship Forum.

On Thursday Özge Öner, IFN and the University of Cambridge, received the Young Researcher Award 2019 for "significant contributions to our understanding of entrepreneurship," explained the chairman of the prize committee Martin Andersson, professor at Blekinge Institute of Technology. The prize sum is SEK 150,000 and is given every year, alternately to a man and a woman, by the Entrepreneurship Forum. "We try to understand what the place means for the economy and for, among other things, entrepreneurship," Öner explained in her prize lecture.

2019-09-12 Prisutdelning Özge Öner.jpg
On the stage together with Özge Öner is Professor Martin Andersson, Chairman of the prize committee.


Özge Öner emphasized the importance of uncomplicated rules that do not prevent entrepreneurs from starting a business. She also explained that a thriving business attracts other growing companies and that business incubators cannot be created artificially but must grow naturally.

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