EU and the Technology Shift


Mårten Blix on fluid tax bases. Photo: Cecilia Möller.


The new publication Europaperspektiv 2020, the 23rd annual volume, was presented at a seminar in Brussels on Tuesday. 

Mårten Blix, IFN, was one of the seminar holders, presenting his and co-author Emil Bustos’ chapter ”Money for noting – Digitalization and Fluid Tax Bases”.

The authors show that most of the changes driven by technological progress are making tax bases more mobile and volatile. Therefore reforms of the tax system are needed to facilitate the structural transformation that will be needed as a consequence of digitalization.

Some of the key issues in Europaperspektiv are What are the effects of AI and digitalization on the European labor market? How can the EU avert threats of cyber warfare, and what tools does the EU need to safeguard competition in the digital economy? These topics were discussed at the seminar held at The Permanent Representation of Sweden to the EU in Brussels.

In Europaperspektiv, sixteen leading Swedish economists, political scientists, and legal scholars analyze the impacts of the technology shift on the EU.

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