Fredrik Sjöholm new CEO of the IFN


Today Fredrik Sjöholm starts his new position as CEO of IFN. He succeeds Magnus Henrekson, who has been the CEO for the past 15 years. Fredrik Sjöholm is recruited from Lund University, where he held a position as a Professor of International Economics.


Fredrik Sjöholm was an IFN researcher between 2006 and 2011 when he moved back to the south of Sweden and his Alma Mater, Lund University, where he also held the position as head of the Economics department.

He describes IFN as a private and independent institute conducting economic research with high integrity and with a focus on the Swedish business sector. 

– We strive to produce policy-relevant research. In a changing world, IFN ensures a fact-based perspective on crucial issues in society. Our mission is to conduct high-quality research and communicate this research to a broader audience, says Fredrik Sjöholm.

He says that IFN is one of Sweden's leading economic research environments, with well-published and well-cited research. 

– Since the Institute's founding in 1939, IFN has identified and analyzed significant societal changes. We aim to continue this work and, in doing so, being relevant to society at large, says Fredrik Sjöholm.

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