Headlines 2008

  • Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research


    At a seminar on 23 October 2008, IFN and its partners FSF and Nutek launched the Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research. The award, which will be given annually, honors outstanding research contributions furthering our understanding of the role and importance of entrepreneurship and small business development. The research award, which is the foremost in its kind in the world, consists of a…

  • New staff member: Joacim Tåg


    Joacim Tåg defended his thesis at Hanken School of Economics, Helsinki, in 2008 on the topic of business strategies, competition policy and regulation in the telecommunications, media and technology industries. At IFN, Joacim will primarily work within the entrepreneurship program on issues related to the real economy effects of private equity buyouts, to ownership patterns in the economy and to…

  • Workshop on Globalization and Labor Markets


    On December 5–6, 2008, IFN, The Leverhulme Centre for Research on Globalisation and Economic Policy and CIBER at Michigan State University arranged a workshop on globalization and labor markets. Trade models with heterogeneous firms have been a major focus of research for the past decade. More recently, some trade theorists have begun to enrich these models by incorporating heterogeneity in…

  • New staff member: Pär Holmberg


    Pär Holmberg defended his thesis at the Department of Economics, Uppsala University, in 2005 with a dissertation on strategic bidding behaviour in electricity markets. After the dissertation Pär worked with corporate taxation at the Ministry of Finance and later as a research fellow at Uppsala University. Before his career in economics, Pär Holmberg defended a dissertation in Power Engineering at…

  • Workshop on Market Structure, Ownership, and Firm Performance in East Asia


    IFN has invited international researchers working on foreign direct investment in East Asia for a two-day workshop in Stockholm. East Asia is a major receiver of FDI and the participants will discuss how these inflows of foreign multinational firms affect producer concentration, productivity, exports, employment and other important economic factors. The focus was on the development in six East…

  • From August 1, Professor Frédéric Delmar is associated with the IFN Entrepreneurship Program


    Frédéric Delmar is a professor in entrepreneurship at the Strategy and Organization Department at EM Lyon since 2005. He took his PhD at Stockholm school of Economics in 1996. His main research interest lies in the early development of new ventures as well as organizational growth. He finds the behavioral aspects of entrepreneurship to be particularly interesting. His work has been…

  • New staff member: Mikael Stenkula


    From August 1, Mikael Stenkula is again a member of the IFN staff. Mikael Stenkula defended his doctoral thesis at Lund University in 2004 with a dissertation on monetary economics. His main research interests are in entrepreneurship and business dynamics and the importance of the institutional framework for economic development. Together with Magnus Henrekson, Mikael Stenkula has written the…

  • Young Economist Award


    Erik Lindqvist, IFN, was awarded a Young Economist Award at the EEA Annual Meeting in Milan for his paper "Privatization of Credence Goods: Theory and Evidence from Residential Youth Care".  The prize is awarded to outstanding papers by applicants under 30 years of age . Read the paper

  • The 2008 Peggy and Richard Musgrave Prize


    Henrik Jordahl, IFN, has been awarded the 2008 Peggy and Richard Musgrave Prize for his paper "Selfish and Prospective: Theory and Evidence of Pocketbook Voting" (co-authors Mikael Elinder and Panu Poutvaara). The price ceremony took place at the 64th Annual Congress of the International Institute of Public Finance (IIPF) in Maastricht, the Netherlands.  Read more

  • Workshop on Privatization


    IFN invited international researchers working on the economics of privatization to a two-day workshop in Stockholm. Privatization is broadly defined and includes theoretical and empirical perspectives on topics such as contracting for government services, public procurement, voucher systems, public-private partnerships, and the sale of government-owned companies. Steven Kelman of Harvard…

  • Nordic workshop on electricity economics, NOREL 9 – 10 June 2008


    The overall purpose of this two-day workshop in Stockholm was to stimulate cooperation and exchange of knowledge among Nordic researchers contributing to the field of electricity economics. Keynote addresses were held by professor Richard Green at University of Birmingham and professor Frank A. Wolak at Stanford. Read more  

  • Workshop on Income Distribution


    On May 12, 2008, IFN and the Swedish Institute for Social Research (SOFI) organized a one-day workshop on income distribution for specially invited researchers. Among the participants were Andrew Leigh, Australian National University, who also was a guest researcher at IFN on May 9–16, Rolf Aaberge, Statistics Norway, and Björn Gustafsson, Gothenburg University. Organizers were…

  • IFN Stockholm Conference 2008


    Family, Children and Work was the theme for the IFN Stockholm Conference 2008, which took place in Vaxholm in the Stockholm Archipelago on May 22–23. An aging population and a declining birthrate have made the access to qualified work force a burning issue within most OECD countries. The conditions for combining career and family life are today as much a question about supply of human…

  • New researcher: Harald Edquist


    Harald Edquist has a Ph.D. in Economic History from the Stockholm School of Economics. The focus of his research has been on comparative productivity development and the impact of new technology on productivity growth. At IFN he will take part in an international collaboration project studying competitiveness, innovation and intangible investment. Prior to joining IFN, he was a research director…

  • Henrik Jordahl appointed Associate Professor


    Henrik Jordahl has been given the title of Associate Professor (“Docent”) at Uppsala University. He earned his PhD from this university in 2002 and is presently supervising two graduate students at its Department of Economics.  

  • Richard Friberg – visiting reseacher at IFN


    Richard Friberg is an Associate Professor at the Stockholm School of Economics and will be visiting IFN until the end of May. The focus of his work is mainly on empirical Industrial Organization and International Economics. During his stay at IFN he will amongst other things do research on strategic behavior around mergers.

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