Headlines 2009

  • New book on Employment Protection Legislation in May 2010


    The international academic publisher Edward Elgar will publish a book by Per Skedinger, Research Fellow and Associate Professor of Economics at the Research Institute of Industrial Economics. In this insightful book, Skedinger provides an overview of the design, evolution and research on the effects of employment protection legislation around the world. The book covers over 100 international…

  • Minister for Higher Education and Research talks about IFN in speech


    Tobias Krantz talked about IFN as an example of research that is free from outside influence at the Marcus Wallenberg Prize ceremony in late September: “It happened now and then that researchers at the Institute drew conclusions that did not square with what some entrepreneurs thought was appropriate. But when some board members proposed that these reports should be stopped, Wallenberg rejected…

  • IFN celebrates its 70th anniversary


    Seventy years have passed since the Research Institute of Industrial Economics (former IUI, and changed to IFN) was founded. The institute has since then been a leading institution in applied research in Sweden and has also figured prominently in the economic policy debate since its inception.  Read more

  • Workshop: Designing Electricity Auctions


    On September 15–16, a group of international experts on electricity auctions participated in a IFN workshop in Stockholm. The theme was "Designing Electricity Auctions" and the participants discussed policy implications for the design of electricity auctions based on recent scientific findings (theoretical, empirical, experimental or simulated). Among the participants were, to…

  • IFN Stockholm Conference 2009 on Ownership, Organization and Industrial Development


    On September 10 - 11, the Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN) organized an international conference on the economics of ownership, organization and industrial development. The first purpose of the workshop was to contribute to the understanding of the interaction between ownership and organizational form and its effects on firm behavior. The second purpose was to enhance our…

  • European working group on intangible investment


    IFN has invited a group of researchers working on intangible investments for a meeting on September 28–29. The meeting is part of the EU project COINVEST which is financed by the European Commission. Economists from Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Great Britain, Portugal, and Sweden will come to Stockholm to measure and compare intangible investments. The meeting is organized by…

  • Robin Douhan has passed away


    We are very sad to report that Robin Douhan passed away on 10 August 2009. He was outstanding both in research and in his personal qualities. Our deepest sympathies go to his family.  

  • Conference: Beyond the Resource Constraint: Alternative Ways to Improve Schooling


    A well functioning schooling system is important for a number of reasons; for example, schooling is an input in the accumulation human capital, economic well-being and growth. On May 28–29, The Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN) organized an international two-day conference of alternative ways to improve schooling.  Read more

  • New Communications Officer: Kristina Börjeson


    As from April 1, 2009, Kristina Börjeson is Communications Officer at IFN. Kristina has eight years experience of Public Affairs, formation of public opinion projects and media relations. Her most recent position was at Trimedia, a Public Relations and Communications Consultancy, where she worked as a consultant focusing at Public Affairs, internal communication, and media relations. Kristina also…

  • Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research


    This year’s Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research has been awarded the American economist Professor Scott A. Shane. According to the motivation he receives the prize ”for publishing significant works that display superior conceptual acumen as well as empirical and methodological sophistication. His research covers virtually all major aspects of the entrepreneurship phenomenon: the…

  • IFN celebrates 70 years of economic research


    During the year 2009, IFN (former IUI) celebrates its 70 years’ anniversary as a research institute. Ever since its foundation in 1939, the task has been to produce economic research of a high academic level, relevant to the business sector and accessible to the general public.

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