Headlines 2011

  • Closing the Achivement Gap


    "The achievement gap is not new, but its impact on U.S. economic performance is growing. The reason for this is simply that the number of minority-group members as a share of the population is rising." Read the article written by Tino Sanandaji and Reihan Salam in the latest issue of National Review. Read article (only subscribers)  

  • Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal


    Frédéric Delmar, Professor in Entrepreneurship and researcher within the IFN research program "The Economics of Entrepreneurship", has been appointed Associate Editor of the academic top journal Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal.

  • Professor Yves Zenou awarded the Oliver E. Williamson Prize


    Professor Yves Zenou, Stockholm University and IFN, and Eleonora Patacchini, Universita da Roma, have been awarded the first annual Oliver E. Williamson prize for the best article accepted for publication in Journal of Law, Economics and Organization during 2009 and 2010. The article “Juvenile Delinquency and Conformism” will be published in JLEO, Vol 28 (2012).

  • Maria Persson participates in WTO discussion


    Maria Persson, part-time researcher at IFN, has been invited by the World Trade Organization to participate in an expert group meeting to discuss the WTO World Trade Report 2011 (next annual report). Maria Persson´s colleague Yves Bourdet will also take part. Read more

  • IFN Stockholm Conference 2011 – Entrepreneurship, Firm Growth and Ownership Change


    In the last decade we have observed an increased interest from scholars on how innovations are financed, developed, and commercialized, and on the effects of ownership changes on the reorganization and growth of established firms. This will be the theme for the IFN Stockholm Conference 2011 on June 9–10. The conference is for invited researchers only.  Read more

  • Henrik Jordahl elected Board Member of the European Public Choice Society


    At the annual conference of the European Public Choice Society in Rennes, Henrik Jordahl was elected new member of the organization’s Executive Board. The European Public Choice Society was founded in 1972 and aims at promoting scientific research on the economic and interdisciplinary analysis of non-market decision making processes and institutions. Read more

  • Fredrik Sjöholm on FDI in Indonesia


    Fredrik Sjöholm recently delivered the Sadli Lecture in Jakarta. He was introduced by the Minister of Trade Mari Pangestu and spoke for a large audience of policy makers and politicians. Read more 

  • Michael Treschow appointed new Board Chairman of IFN


    As of February 2, 2011, Michael Treschow is the new Chairman of the board of IFN. He succeeds Björn Hägglund who leaves the position after eight years.  Read more

  • Reward of 100,000 Euros for Research on the Evolution of Industries


    The U.S. Professor Steven Klepper is the 2011 recipient of the Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research, the world’s foremost award for research in this area. Steven Klepper will receive 100,000 Euros for his influential contributions to the field of entrepreneurship research with focus on innovation and the birth and growth of new industries. Read more

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