Headlines 2012

  • Stipend to IFN-researcher


    IFN-researcher Martin Olsson has been awarded a Wallander stipend. A total of four researchers in Economics were in 2012 granted full three-year research funding (approximately SEK 1.5 million).

  • Have private schools improved student performance?


    On december 4, Scientists Mikael Lindahl and Anders Böhlmark, both affiliated to IFAU, presented a report in which they have found positive effects of the Swedish reform that in 1992 opened up for privately managed schools. IFN-researcher Jonas Vlachos was invited to comment on the report.

  • Comparing entrepreneurship in Sweden and USA


    In eight articles—to be published in 2013 in a theme issue of Industrial and Corporate Change —Magnus Henrekson, IFN, and Pontus Braunerhjelm, Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum, have assessed entrepreneurial activities in Sweden and the US.

  • Lars Persson, IFN, appointed adjoint professor at Lund University


    Lars Persson, Associate professor and Deputy Director at IFN, who recently was appointed Fellow of CESifo (Center for Economic Studies at the University) in Munich, has been appointed Adjoint professor at the School of Economics and Management, Lund University.

  • What does user satisfaction tell us about the quality of welfare services?


    As part of its research program Service sector economy, IFN has teamed up with SNS, Studieförbundet Näringsliv och Samhälle (Centre for Business and Policy Studies). Within the framework of this cooperation on November 15, SNS organized a seminar, asking the question "What does customer satisfaction tell us about the quality of welfare services?"

  • It's the economy!


    Professor Magnus Henrekson, Director of IFN (Research Institute of Industrial Economics) participated on Thursday November 8, in Part 5/fall of 2012, in the Ekonomiklubben at Axess TV. Issues discussed included the U.S. economy and corporate taxation.

  • Research report about public procurement


    As part of IFN's research program the Service sector economy IFN has teamed up with SNS, Studieförbundet Näringsliv och Samhälle. Within the framework of this cooperation on November 8, SNS organized a seminar on public procurement. A report was presented: "Public procurement from the research horizon."

  • Breakfast seminar: Better health with income equality?


    Tuesday October 9, IFN, Research Institute of Industrial Economics, arranged a seminar on the book Blir vi sjuka av inkomstskillnader? (Is income inequality making us ill?). Three IFN researchers are the authors of this research- and study guide on the subject: Andreas Bergh, Therese Nilsson and Daniel Waldenström.    

  • The history of the Institute translated into English


    “Building Bridges and Challenging Conventions – Perspectives on IFN” by Anders Johnson has been translated into English (Brobyggare & ifrågasättare – IUI från start till namnbytet 1939-2006). In the English edition developments between 2006 and 2012 have been added. The book is part of the IFN historical project that was launched in 2006. The objective of this undertaking is to study IFN…

  • Europe should let China subsidise its energy production


    Johannes Mauritzen writes a short letter to Financial Times about Chinese solar panels. “If cheap panels from China mean that more solar power replaces coal and gas power then an externality is corrected, and that correction comes free for Europeans”.

  • Per Hjertstrand new IFN researcher


    Per Hjertstrand, Ph.D in economics from Lund University, has been employed as a new researcher at IFN. Per’s research interest is in econometrics, with special focus on consumer demand, and production analysis. Much of his current research centers on developing statistical methods to investigate the effects of price changes on demand for goods and services. Read more

  • Dissertation: Essays on Employment Protection, Private Equity and Spousal Behavior


    On June 7, Martin Olsson successfully defended his dissertation Essays on Employment Protection, Private Equity and Spousal Behavior at the Department of Economics, Stockholm University. In his dissertation, Martin presents four self-contained essays. All essays have the common property of considering how institutions affect workers and their behavior.

  • IFN Stockholm Conference 2012 – globalization, organization and the ownership of firms


    Firms are continually striving to improve efficiency in response to the forces of globalization. Recent research has shown that firms' organization, vertical specialization, management practices and ownership play an important role in determining performance. While recent work has made great strides towards understanding these phenomena, many questions still remain. In an effort to advance…

  • Åsa Hansson IFN research fellow


    Åsa Hansson, Associate Professor in Economics at Lund University, is employed part-time as a Research Fellow at IFN. Åsa’s research focuses on the behavioral aspects of taxation concerning both individuals and firms. A large part of her research centers around the effects globalization and increased tax competition have on current tax systems and public expenditures, and how tax…

  • Article accepted in a top-5 journal


    In March, Karin Edmark, Ph.D. and research fellow at IFN, together with Matz Dahlberg, Uppsala University, and Heléne Lundqvist, Institute for International Economic Studies, Stockholm University, had the article "Ethnic Diversity and Preferences for Redistribution" accepted for publication in the Journal of Political Economy. This is one of the top-5 journals in Economics.

  • Measuring research performance at IFN: 2002−2011


    High research productivity is crucial for IFN's success. With few exceptions, all IFN research is first published in the IFN Working Paper Series. Yet the true quality of a specific research paper cannot be determined until it has been suitably published (in a journal, collective volume, or as a research monograph). Eventually, an unpublished Working Paper is usually of little value. Further…

  • Dissertation: Entry, Competition and Productivity in Retail


    On March 5, Matilda Orth successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation Entry, Competition and Productivity in Retail at the Department of Economics, School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg. The focus of the dissertation is on different aspects of competition in retail markets. Some of the issues are the characteristics for stores with high productivity and the…

  • Research on firms’ ability to innovate awarded EUR 100,000


    Professor Kathleen Eisenhardt is the recipient of the prestigious Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research in 2012. Kathleen Eisenhardt is Professor of Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University, Stanford, CA, USA. She is awarded the prize for her distinguished and outstanding contributions to research on entrepreneurship, with an emphasis on “corporate…

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