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Breakfast seminar: Better health with income equality?


Tuesday October 9, IFN, Research Institute of Industrial Economics, arranged a seminar on the book Blir vi sjuka av inkomstskillnader? (Is income inequality making us ill?). Three IFN researchers are the authors of this research- and study guide on the subject: Andreas Bergh, Therese Nilsson and Daniel Waldenström.



There was a discussion about the difficulties in interpreting the facts, what inequality really is, the need for further research in this field and what politicians can do to facilitate the needs and wishes of people to live a better life.

The panel from left Andreas Bergh, Ulf Kristersson, Johan Fritzell and Lars Trägårdh.

The panel included Minister for Social Security Ulf Kristersson as well as Professors Lars Trägårdh and Johan Fritzell. The two latter praised the book for its ambitious review of existing research. Ulf Kristersson, for his part, draws the conclusion that "income from work is essential and that it is therefore crucial that you make it easier for people to find work." When the panel discussed the general versus targeted policies, the Minister explained that general measures it is not always enough if you want to assist vulnerable groups. These must be combined with efforts at the individual level.

The seminar was broadcasted on Swedish television.


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