Headlines 2012

Comparing entrepreneurship in Sweden and USA


In eight articles—to be published in 2013 in a theme issue of Industrial and Corporate Change —Magnus Henrekson, IFN, and Pontus Braunerhjelm, Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum, have assessed entrepreneurial activities in Sweden and the US.

Under their guidance a group of researchers have in detail studied particular aspects of the rules deemed to be of particular importance for entrepreneurship, innovation-based firm growth and its ensuing impact on the economy.

Sweden and the US have been argued to be positioned at opposite ends of the spectrum of capitalism, with respect to the degree of coordination and government intervention. A short overview of the institutional differences that distinguish the two countries is presented in the introductory essay. The authors stress the convergence that has occurred in the last decades. Still, as is obvious from the summary of the eight comparative analyses included in the Special Section, considerable differences remain.

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