Headlines 2012

Research on firms’ ability to innovate awarded EUR 100,000


Professor Kathleen Eisenhardt is the recipient of the prestigious Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research in 2012. Kathleen Eisenhardt is Professor of Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University, Stanford, CA, USA. She is awarded the prize for her distinguished and outstanding contributions to research on entrepreneurship, with an emphasis on “corporate entrepreneurship”. The amount of the prize is EUR 100,000.

According to Lars Persson, Associate Professor at Research Institute of Industrial Economics and member of the committee that selects the prize winner: “Kathleen Eisenhardt has made significant contributions to research on entrepreneurship by linking it to existing fields of management research”.

Eisenhardt’s foremost contributions to research on entrepreneurship concern her studies on “corporate entrepreneurship”, whereby existing organizations can remain innovative, for instance by establishing new firms and business opportunities. In particular, she has examined the ability of established organizations to introduce a continuous flow of new goods and services by means of improved processes for product development and organizational efficiency.

According to the motivation of the prize committee, Kathleen Eisenhardt’s innovative and novel contributions to the field have also reinforced the academic status of research on entrepreneurship in a broader perspective.

The prize ceremony for the Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research will take place in Stockholm in May 2012. For additional information, please refer to the prize website, www.e-award.org.

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