Headlines 2014

Report on privatization in elderly care


Henrik Jordahl, IFN, and Mats Bergman, Södertörn University, unveiled on Thursday a new report on the Swedish market for elderly care. They reckon that "both home care and assisted living facilities [appear] as relatively appropriate to privatize." The two researchers believe that a return to public monopoly is not an answer to today’s obstacles and that the current system works fairly well but needs further improvement.

Henrik Jordahl (left) and Mats Bergman at the seminar organized by SNS, Photo: Allan Seppa, SNS


Henrik Jordahland Mats Bergman argue that “users choice” (brukarval) should be the foundation of a quality-driven system, I e the users' active choice should make it profitable to do right in elderly care. The report was also introduced at a seminar organized by SNS (Centre for Business and Policy Studies) within the framework of a joint project between IFN and SNS: From Welfare State to Welfare Society.

Read the report (in Swedish) on the ESO web page

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