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Entrepreneurs generate growth


Entrepreneurship was the theme of a seminar that IFN arranged Tuesday. Besides Magnus Henrekson and Joacim Tåg, IFN, Lena Apler, Chairman Collector, was part of the panel. In an introductory presentation explained Magnus Henrekson that "entrepreneurship is not about small business, but the emergence of new major corporations". Four-fifths of the self-employed have not any employees and small ambitions to grow. Henrekson commented on the economist in vogue Thomas Piketty's theories: "Piketty agree that entrepreneurs are innovative and create value, but believes they are only a few." This does not correspond with reality, he explained.

In the picture on stage (from left) Magnus Henrekson, Thomas Gür (moderator), Lena Apler and Joacim Tåg.


Magnus Henrekson explained that Piketty fail to recognize the important role of the entrepreneur. Piketty "writes about the rich that earn more than they create for society at large, but not about innovative entrepreneurs that create more value than they earn." Lena Apler agreed. She explained that as an entrepreneur, "one must have a vision and a dream of wanting to become large, this is what drives a company forward." She added that "one can be great as a small-business owner with only five employees, but that person is not about an entrepreneur."

Seminarium 17 juni

In the picture Magnus Henrekson in the foreground, giving a speech to the Stockholm audience on June 17.


Joacim Tåg explained that in terms of the entrepreneurs' value to society (which Thomas Piketty believes is less, since his opinion is that there are few entrepreneurs) many successful entrepreneurs reinvest their money in new ventures. At the same time, they are role models for other entrepreneurs and in this way give them a tangible goal to aim for.

Seminarium 17 juni

Seminar on June 17Joacim Tåg in the foreground in Stockholm June 17. Lena Apler, Thomas Gür and Magnus Henrekson are listening.

Magnus Henrekson's presentation

The seminar as a video

Research and litterature on entrepreneurship:

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