Headlines 2014

Researchers on site in Almedalen


A number of researchers from IFN participated in seminars and debates during the the Almedal week. Several of them commented on a range of issues in television: Andreas Bergh was featured in SVT's morning show and discussed the French economist Thomas Pikettys theories. Magnus Henrekson "grilled" Anders Wallner (MP) in SVT and discussed taxes in EFN television. Johanna Rickne gave an economist's view of Fredrik Reinfeldt's televized speech.

Photo: Region Gotland


A selection of the events in which IFN-researchers participated:


Almedalen 2

Henrik Jordahl (right) and Jannis Angelis presented their research on leadership and management in elderly care at a seminar organized by SNS. Read more.


Almedalen 1

Magnus Henrekson participated in a seminar in Dagens Industri's tent. The title was "Advice for Sweden's next finance minister".


Almedalen 3

Magnus Henrekson was part of an event answering the question what might happen to the tax system following the election in September. Other panelists were Lars Calmfors, Erik Åsbrink and Sven-Olof Lodin.


Almedalen 4

Andreas Bergh (left) was one of the panelists at the Centre Party's economic seminar titled "Less action and more real jobs." He was also involved in discussing the Swedish welfare state at a seminar arranged by of SEB.


Almedalen 6

Richard Öhrvall spoke of statistics from the EU elections and what we can expect for the autumn parliamentary election at a seminar organized by Statistics Sweden.


Almedalen 7

Andreas Bergh commented Thomas Piketty book Capital in the Twenty-First Century in Gomorron Sverige in SVT. Katrine Kielos (left) was the other commentator.


Almedalen 5

Magnus Henrekson talked about taxes at a seminar organized by PwC. From left is seen Jens orback, Annika Fritch, Magnus Henrekson and Rune Andersson.


Almedalen 8

Johanna Rickne, IFN, commented on Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt (M) press conference and his speech on Thursday during the the Almedal week. In addition she commented on Jonas Sjöstedt (V) at a press conference on Friday.


Almedalen 9

Magnus Henrekson, IFN, is one of the authors of the anthology Position Sverige – Om innovation, hållbarhet och arbetsmarknad. The book was presented at a seminar in Almedalen. Read more (in Swedish)

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