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Many participated in 75th anniversary


IFN was founded in 1939 – then named Industrial Institute for Economic and Social Research (IUI). This vital 75 year old was celebrated on Monday with a seminar. Three new books about the institute were presented and a short film about IFN was shown for the first time. The event also included a stage discussion on how economic research has developed over the past 75 years. Participants in this dialogue included current and former researchers: Karolina Ekholm, State Secretary, Magnus Henrekson, Professor and Managing Director IFN, Assar Lindbeck, Professor IFN and Stockholm University, and Birgitta Swedenborg, former VP SNS.

In the picture from left Professors Mats Lundahl and Benny Carlson who wrote the book Ett forskningsinstitut växer fram – IUI från grundandet till 1950 (The Emergence of a Research Institute - IUI from its establishment to in 1950. Photo: Bosse Johansson.

IFN, presented in a short movie.
Notes from the panel discussion.



Participants in a stage discussion about how economic research has developed over the past 75 years included (seen from left to right) Birgitta Swedenborg, former vice president SNS, Assar Lindbeck, Professor IFN and Stockholm University, Magnus Henrekson, Professor and Managing Director IFN, Karolina Ekholm, State Secretary and Thomas Gür, moderator. Photo: Bosse Johansson.

Read an abstract of the discussion.


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 Birgitta Swedenborg, Assar Lindbeck, Magnus Henrekson and Karolina Ekholm discussed pros and cons in regards to developments in economic research. Photo: Bosse Johansson.


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A large number of participants came to celebrate IFN's 75th anniversary seminar. Three books were presented as well as a new short film about the institute. The event ended with networking. Photo: Bosse Johansson.

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Among those in the audience at the seminar were (seen from left to right) Per Thulin, Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum, Marcus Wallenberg, Marianne och Marcus Wallenberg Foundation and SEB, and Stefan Sandström, Centre for Business and Policy Studies (SNS). Photo: Bosse Johansson.



Gunnar Eliasson, Managing Director IUI/IFN 1976–1994, spoke about his time and work at the institute. He has written a chapter about the economist Bengt-Christer Ysande in the jubilee anthology. Photo: Bosse Johansson.



Bertil Holmlund worked as a researcher at IUI during the period 1976-1985. On November 17, he recounted this time at the institute. Photo: Bosse Johansson.


Today Anders Björklund is Professor of economics at the Swedish Institute for Social Research, Stockholm University. He is one of the authors of the jubilee anthology, writing about his time at IUI, I.e. 1981-1989. Photo: Bosse Johansson.



Magnus Henrekson, Managing Director IFN, presented a brand new bibliography that included all identified reports and articles from the time period 1939–2013. Photo: Bosse Johansson.



A short film about IFN premiered at the jubilee. Photo: Bosse Johansson. View the movie



Michael Treschow, Chairman IFN, closed the conference by thanking everyone, including the researchers for all their efforts. "You created this vital 75 year old!" Treschow stated. He pointed to the diversity at IFN and noted diversity in numerous respects, for example in regard to researchers of different generations. Photo: Bosse Johansson.



Following the formal part of the event the guests networked. I the photo Ulf Kristersson (left), Vice Chairman of the Committee on the Labour market in parliament, listens to Thomas Nicolin, Member of the IFN Board of Directors. Photo: Bosse Johansson.




Signhild Arnegård Hansen, Chairperson Stiftelsen Fritt Näringsliv celebrated IFN's 75th anniversary. In the photo she is seen with Bertil Ekerlid, Ekerlids förlag. Photo: Bosse Johansson.



Current IFN-researchers: Matilda Orth, Florin Maican, Oscar Erixson, Carl-Magnus Bjuggren, Martin Olsson and Fredrik Heyman. Photo: Bosse Johansson


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Assar Lindbeck, pictured above, and Özge Öner are both IFN researchers despite the age difference between them being well over 50 years. Photo: Bosse Johansson.


The Research Institute of Industrial Economics, IFN, is presented in a short movie.

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