Headlines 2015

  • Christian Bjørnskov affiliated researcher


    Professor Christian Bjørnskov, Aarhus University in Denmark, is a new affiliated researcher at IFN. He is part of the Economics of Institutions and Culture research program. His research focuses on social trust, happiness, development aid and institutions. Researchers within said  IFN-program study how moral values and attitudes influence human behavior and, thereby, the way the…

  • Open markets, but maybe not open minds


    In the New York Times Professor Tyler Cowen writes about research by Niclas Berggren and Therese Nilsson, IFN, in which they have studied tolerance. "One of their most striking findings is that societies characterized by greater economic freedom and greater wealth do indeed exhibit greater tolerance toward gay people, a tendency suggesting that gay rights, including gay marriage, will spread…

  • IFN researchers awarded the Myrdal Prize 2014


    Olle Folke, Columbia University and IFN affiliate, Torsten Persson, Stockholm University, and Johanna Rickne, IFN, have been awarded the Myrdal Prize 2014 (in memory of Professor Gunnar Myrdal), for their article "Personröster och politisk makt” (Preference voting and political power) published in Ekonomisk Debatt No. 1, 2014.

  • Well-attended seminar on ownership assessment in the welfare sector


    Private companies should be tested and then given permission to start operations in the welfare sector, explained the special investigator Christina Eriksson Stephanson when she presented the Ownership Assessment Inquiry's (ägarprövningsutredningen) results. Stephanson presented her conclusions at a seminar organized by the SNS as part of IFN and SNS’ joint research program,…

  • New book about the need to reform higher education


    In a new book – Universitetsreform! – så kan vi rädda och lyfta den högre utbildningen (University Reform! How to Save and Boost Higher Education) – six professors and authors, among other things, highlight the fact that the perception of study discipline and knowledge has changed in recent decades. This book presents several concrete reform proposals. The authors…

  • Lars Calmfors new affiliated researcher


    Professor Lars Calmfors has been appointed to head a new independent labor market council, (arbetsmarknadsekonomiskt råd, AER), which has been formed on the initiative of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise. The Council will make assessments of the labor market and annually present a report on the subject. AER will have three additional members, one of whom is Per Skedinger, IFN. The…

  • Round table conference on energy

    2015-04 13

    On Monday the Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN) organized a roundtable discussion about energy in cooperation with the German CESifo . The starting point was the EEAG Report 2015,  chapter 2 with the title "The European Energy Conundrum: Power Failure". Professor John Driffill, Birkbeck College at the University of London, one of the report's authors, initiated…

  • Research on Entrepreneurship Rewarded with 100.000 Euros


    The 2015 Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research is awarded to Professor Sidney Winter, Deloitte and Touche Professor Emeritus of Management at Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Global Award is the leading international award in entrepreneurship research with a prize amount of 100 000 Euros. Professor Winter is awarded for his profound understanding of dynamic competition, how a…

  • Modern school policy did not create the Finnish miracle


    On Wednesday a new book Real Finnish Lessons: The True Story of An Education superpower authored by Gabriel Heller Sahlgren, an affiliate of IFN, was launched by the Centre for Policy Studies, London. In the book Heller Sahlgren shows that it is primarily socio-economic and historical factors that gave rise to the results in Finnish schools, for example the PISA surveys. The most important lessons…

  • Optimum transparency – a dream or reality?


    Transparency and the difference between accurate and more information in corporate communications, was the subject of a half-day conference organized by the FAR, IFN, Nasdaq and Transparency International Sweden. Professor Sidney Grey, co-author of the book Oxford Handbook of Economic and Institutional Transparency, was a speaker at the event. In the final panel discussion, the participants agreed…

  • Swedish Taxation – a greatly valued story


    In the brand new book Swedish Taxation (Palgrave Macmillan, New York), Magnus Henrekson and Mikael Stenkula (editors) take a historical approach to taxation. Swedish Taxation examines the development of taxation in Sweden since 1862. This historic tax project has been headed by Mikael Stenkula, IFN. Additional participants in the research team are Gunnar Du Rietz, Dan Johansson, Magnus…

  • GDP has flaws, and needs to be modernized


    GDP is problematic as a measure of growth, but this does not mean that GDP is useless, explained Professor Diane Coyle, University of Manchester, in a seminar organized by IFN May 7. Coyle said that GDP is insufficient as a measure and what is probably needed is a dashboard of indicators. At the seminar, she mentioned a number of existing alternative measures, including Social Progress Index,…

  • Global Award in the spirit of Schumpeter


    The 2015 Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research has been awarded to Professor Emeritus Sidney G. Winter, The Wharton School, and University of Pennsylvania. At the ceremony in Stockholm Winter received 100,000 euros and a sculpture by Carl Milles. Among other things, he was awarded the prize for his studies of how technological change within companies influence renewal. In his lecture he…

  • IFN part of extensive European project


    IFN is part of the brand-new European project Financial and Institutional Reforms for the Entrepreneurial Society (FIRES). The researchers' task is to – based on solid research – propose policies that can make Europe more entrepreneurial. The project involves nine research institutions in as many countries – IFN is one and London School of Economics is another. The project is…

  • New podcast: GDP is not enough


    Listen when Professor Diane Coyle argues that we need new ways to measure the economy. In a new podcast she, an internationally renowned scholar in the debate on how we best define and measure national economies, traces the history of GDP and tells us why this measurement is increasingly inappropriate for a twenty-first-century economy. The lecture was given in Stockholm on May 7, 2015.

  • New podcast: A tribute to the entrepreneur


    The 2015 Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research was awarded to Professor Emeritus Sidney G. Winter, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, at a ceremony in Stockholm on May 20. Prior to the ceremony Sidney Winter sat down with IFN-podcasts and answered questions about his research and what enticed him to go into research about entrepreneurship.

  • International conference on informal institutions


    On 11–12 June, the Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN) organized the IFN Stockholm Conference, a two-day conference in Vaxholm, outside Stockholm, with researchers from Sweden, Austria, Denmark, the United States, the Czech Republic, Italy, France and Great Britain. The theme of the conference was “Culture, Institutions and Development”. The researchers, from various…

  • IFN researcher associated with EPRG


    Thomas Tangerås, Associate Professor and Director of IFN’s research program Economics of Electricity Markets has been appointed Associated Researcher at The Energy Policy Research Group (EPRG), University of Cambridge. EPRG is considered one of the world's leading research institutions in the field of energy markets. Dr. Tangerås is the second IFN researcher to become…

  • Immigration & job opportunities


    The former Swedish Government launched Etableringsreformen, stipulating that refugees be placed in municipalities where there are job opportunities. Özge Öner and Johan Wennström, IFN, have analyzed where new arrivals are placed and find that it is in municipalities with a declining population and high unemployment – in other words where the conditions for job growth is weak.…

  • How economic freedom affects economic crises


    Economic crises are the subject of a study by Christian Bjørnskov Professor at Aarhus University and affiliated to IFN. In a paper Bjørnskov examines how economic freedom affects economic crises. A high level of economic freedom proves to limit both the relative GDP decline and crisis recovery time, but has no effect on the duration of the crisis or the probability of a crisis.

  • Prestigious research grant awarded to Matti Keloharju


    Matti Keloharju, Professor of Finance at the Aalto University of Business and affiliated researcher at IFN, has been appointed to Academy of Finland Professorship for the years 2016-20. The Academy funds a number of five-year professorships which allow their holders to focus on research on a full-time basis. Professor Keloharju is the first business school professor ever to win this prestigious…

  • What might affect employees – and firms?


    August 6-7, a scientific workshop on the subject “economics of corporate ownership” was organized by the Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN). During two days in Vaxholm, just outside of Stockholm, specially invited researchers from Europe and the US discussed subjects related to the real economic effects of ownership forms and changes in ownership. In total, thirteen…

  • Tolerance closely linked to freedom


    In a new study, Niclas Berggren and Therese Nilsson, IFN, look at the effect of changes in economic freedom on tolerance in the United States. In comparing U.S. states they find that an increase in the willingness to let atheists, homosexuals and communists speak, keep books in libraries and teach college students is, overall, positively related to preceding increases in economic freedom, more…

  • Advice to the European Central Bank


    "The European Central Bank is currently struggling to get inflation going again," states Dow Jones Newswire/Wall Street Journal refering to research by Roger Svensson, IFN, and Andreas Westermark of Sweden’s Riksbank. "Maybe it is time the ECB tried something a little bit more radical, something from the playbook of authorities from the Middle Ages: recoinage." Roger…

  • Seminar on China's assistance in Africa


    "Aid on Demand: African Leaders and the Geography of China's Foreign Assistance" was the title of a study that Axel Dreher presented and discussed at a research seminar at IFN on Wednesday. Dreher is Professor of International and Development Politics at the University of Heidelberg in Germany.

  • Kick-off for EU project on entrepreneurship


    Early September researchers involved in the EU project Fires met in Berlin. The project involves nine research institutions in as many countries, IFN is one and London School of Economics is another. The researchers' task is to – based on solid research – propose policies that can make Europe more entrepreneurial. The projects will end in 2018. In Berlin entrepreneurs from several…

  • New book about the welfare state


    Andreas Bergh, IFN and Lund University, has revised and updated the book The capitalist welfare state (Studentlitteratur) which now is published in a fourth edition. Any news in the book? "In this edition I investigate the causal link between institutions and prosperity. I study for-profit companies in the welfare sector and address new research on problems in the Swedish school system and…

  • New Public Management in Swedish schools – cherished by Left and Right


  • Research seminars every week at IFN


    Academic seminars are held at IFN on Wednesdays at 10–11.15 a.m. At these meetings researchers from IFN and other institutions and universities present their recent research. Visitors are welcome! Prior to today's seminar Ola Andersson, IFN, greeted researchers Daniel Halvarsson, Ratio, and Patrik Tingvall, Södertörn University. They presented a study entitled "Asymmetric…

  • Henrik Jordahl new member of Research Council


    Associate Professor Henrik Jordahl, Director of IFN's research program The Economics of the Service Sector, has been appointed to the Council for Research Issues at the Swedish Competition Authority. The Council consists of 12 members, and is chaired by Director-General Dan Sjöblom. The Council is responsible for the Authority's evaluation of research applications. The Council…

  • IFN researchers about tax reforms


    Magnus Henrekson, IFN, and Åsa Hansson, Lund University and affiliated to IFN, addressed today, at a TCO seminar, the need for tax reforms. Magnus Henrekson primarily advocated a tax code that does not "punish" those who want to invest in new growing businesses and not large public firms. He also pointed to the need for Swedish employee stock options. Åsa Hansson proposed the…

  • Prize for article on globalization and tolerance


    Once a year, the Rector of the University of Economics in Prague awards prizes to the faculty for best publications. This year Niclas Berggren, research fellow at IFN, was awarded second prize in the category journal articles. Berggren is affiliated to the Department of Institutional, Environmental and Experimental Economics (KIE) at the University of Economics. The article for which the prize was…

  • IFN researchers discussing the job market


    On Tuesday, November 17, three renowned IFN-researchers participated in public seminars: Professor Lars Calmfors, Professor Magnus Henrekson and Associate Professor Per Skedinger. The subjects were wages, employment and changes in society overall. The massive current of refugees and the opportunities for newcomers to find jobs were discussed from different viewpoints at all three seminars.

  • Teaching methods might be one of the school's problems


    On November 25, four economists discussed school research at a seminar organized by IFN: Karin Edmark, Gabriel Heller Sahlgren, Jonas Vlachos and Björn Öckert. The first three being affiliated to IFN. The venue was packed and the debate was lively about what researchers really know in regards to the causes of the failing Swedish school results. The researchers all agreed that recruitment…

  • Overestimate of gains in tax-financed services


    A report published by Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum with Henrik Jordahl, IFN, and Karin Edmark, Stockholm University and affiliated to IFN, as co-authors shows that seven out of ten Swedes want to limit the distribution of profits in the service sector. At the same time an equally large majority of Swedes believe that freedom of choice is important. In addition, the report indicates that the…

  • A region should be seen as an ecosystem!


    On December 7, Özge Öner, IFN, participated in a seminar about dynamics of the city and surrounding regions. The seminar was organized by Entrepreneurship Forum. Geoffrey Hewings, professor at the University of Illinois, opened with a presentation of research on the degree of interdependence between the city and its metropolitan area. “It is very large but often unmeasured and…

  • Active owners are an asset to companies


    Joacim Tåg, IFN, participated on Wednesday in a panel discussion hosted by the Swedish Venture Capital Association (SVCA). A report on the impact of ownership on value creation and job creation in Sweden was presented. It shows that 50% of all capital is foreign owned. A panel discussed the report's conclusions in general and equity/ownership in Sweden in particular. The participants…

  • Policy uncertainty curbs economic growth


    Does policy uncertainty curb economic growth? Yes, said Professor Steven Davis, University of Chicago Booth School of Business, at a seminar organized by IFN in Stockholm on December 16. A Swedish example of uncertainty created by the politicians is the government's announcement that distribution of profits in the service sector will be restricted. Steven Davis pointed to the refugee flows…

  • Happy Holidays & Best Wishes for 2016!


    In 2015, the Research Institute of Industrial Economics, IFN, has produced three podcasts in English. The topics range from GDP to immigration. If you have a quiet moment during the holidays, we suggest that you download and listen to an IFN podcast.

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