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IFN researchers awarded the Myrdal Prize 2014


Olle Folke, Columbia University and IFN affiliate, Torsten Persson, Stockholm University, and Johanna Rickne, IFN, have been awarded the Myrdal Prize 2014 (in memory of Professor Gunnar Myrdal), for their article "Personröster och politisk makt” (Preference voting and political power) published in Ekonomisk Debatt No. 1, 2014.

The jury's choice is based on the fact that the Swedish electoral system has changed in order to allow today’s voters to mark the candidate that they prefer be elected on their ballot. The jury stated that Folke, Persson and Rickne "find that the person who has received the most marks dramatically improves his or her chances of becoming the first name on the ballot in the next election. Within the municipality's largest party, receiving the most marks significantly increases the probability of being elected mayor. It may therefore be argued that the voters have given more power to the candidates with the most marks. The analysis is based on a modern empirical method ("regression discontinuity design") described in an educational way in the article. "

"Receiving the Myrdal Prize means that our article and research most probably will become known to a wider audience, which feels great," said Johanna Rickne.

The Myrdal Prize is awarded each year by Swedbank for the best article of the year in the journal Ekonomisk Debatt. The prize was established in 1983 as a tribute to Professor Gunnar Myrdal, on his 85th birthday.

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