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Modern school policy did not create the Finnish miracle


On Wednesday a new book Real Finnish Lessons: The True Story of An Education superpower authored by Gabriel Heller Sahlgren, an affiliate of IFN, was launched by the Centre for Policy Studies, London. In the book Heller Sahlgren shows that it is primarily socio-economic and historical factors that gave rise to the results in Finnish schools, for example the PISA surveys. The most important lessons for Sweden and other countries, he says, are in the fields of educational culture and teaching methods.

"School culture was long authoritative in Finland, with a strong focus on teacher-led instruction. Student participation and student-led instruction did in principle not exist. However, this has changed in recent years, in a Swedish direction, and is probably an important reason why Finnish school results have deteriorated," says Heller Sahlgren.

Read the book (pdf)

BBC News about the book: Finns aren't what they used to be

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