Headlines 2015

IFN part of extensive European project


IFN is part of the brand-new European project Financial and Institutional Reforms for the Entrepreneurial Society (FIRES). The researchers' task is to – based on solid research – propose policies that can make Europe more entrepreneurial. The project involves nine research institutions in as many countries – IFN is one and London School of Economics is another. The project is funded by a grant of roughly SEK 25 million from the European Commission. FIRES will be launched at a kick-off in Berlin in early September.

FIRES is an interdisciplinary research project designed to develop a reform strategy for increased entrepreneurship to generate growth in Europe.

“We will involve entrepreneurs, the creative class and later on more traditional stakeholders such as financial institutions, knowledge creators, labor organizations and policy makers in our academic work. Thus, we will not loch ourselves up in the academic ivory tower, but get our hands dirty right from the start”, explains Professor Magnus Henrekson, CEO of IFN and director of the research program Economics of Entrepreneurship.

During the event in Berlin, in September, a series of interactive consultation workshops will be organized, on the main tasks of the project. The aim of these workshops is to hear from the participants/stakeholders if the chosen tasks cover the most urgent and important issues and how these tasks might best be approached. In addition the aim is to use this event to start building a stakeholder community around the project.


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