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When introducing new grocery stores


Researchers Matilda Orth, IFN, and Florin Maican, Gothenburg University and affiliated to IFN, have developed methods and tools for enhancing strategic decision making in retail. The research report is published by the Swedish Retail and Wholesale Council (Handelsrådet). The study shows, among other things, how competition is working between stores with different concept and location. This knowledge can be used to evaluate introduction of new store formats in new markets.


The study " Strategisk mix av dagligvarubutiksformat” comprises both a rich history and recent trends in the grocery market. The researchers have studied demand, market structure and productivity, and the role of regulations in the entry of new stores. They show that allowing more stores to enter results in lower prices and better quality for consumers and provide welfare gains to society, especially in big local markets.


Read the report (in Swedish)

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Listen to a podcast with Matilda Orth (in Swedish)

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